Harsh Truth #1: Being in private practice can be hard.

When you decided to open your practice, you wanted to make a difference – on your terms.

You were sick of impossibly high caseloads, impossibly high demands and the pitifully low wages.

When burnout became an everyday reality, you decided something had to change.

And so you made a big, brave and bold decision: to walk away from the security of employment and agency work, to strike out on your own in private practice.

Running your private practice was supposed to be different. You’re the boss. You set your own fees. You decide who you work with, when, where and how.

…. Right?

Maybe not.

Because right now, you’re doing everything you used to do in your old job, and more.

You’re not just working with clients anymore: now you’re growing the business, you’re handling admin, cursing insurance, you’re figuring out taxes and doing your best not to get sued, you’re trying to make marketing and sales work for you in a way that feels good and OH CRAP – you’re 6 weeks behind on client notes. How did that happen?

Wasn’t this supposed to be easier?

Harsh Truth #2: Filling your practice is only half the battle.


Make no mistake: having a full client load is not the same as having mastery over your business.

And it definitely isn’t the same as finding the freedom, fulfillment and flexibility you were hoping for when you decided to make the jump into private practice.


A full client roster is no guarantee that you’ll actually enjoy being in private practice…


And it’s all too easy to slip back into old patterns: the overwork. The craziness inside your head. The too-long hours and cramming diet coke and crackers into your mouth between client sessions.


Not exactly zen, huh?


Here’s the deal: you’re one of the countless clinicians who have found themselves feeling trapped and overwhelmed in their own practice. Even if they’re full. And even if, on the outside, it looks like everything is going well…


There are times when:

  • You feel like a mess

  • You feel stuck

  • You feel like nothing is working


And you’re not doing the work you love…. with the clients you love… the way you love to do it.


What gives?!

Harsh truth #3: Freedom, fulfillment and flexibility starts with you.

This harsh truth is really a blessing in disguise. Seriously.

Because it means that you already have everything you need to build a thriving practice and to operate your business on your own terms.

It is completely possible for you to grow a practice that:

  • Allows you to charge a rate that feels in line with your value and your financial goals

  • Makes more than enough money for you to take that 3-day weekend, every week

  • Energizes you and lets you be more present with your family + most important people (rather than zapping your energy and making you resent your family for needing you, too)

  • Lets you travel the world (or just enjoy more time to yourself, doing the things you enjoy) as a speaker, a trainer, an author, a course creator…. You name it!

  • Makes you feel alive, vibrant and happy – knowing that you’re making a difference without sacrificing your own wellbeing and sanity

And that’s just for starters.

So, time for the GOOD news:  

If freedom, fulfillment and flexibility in private practice begins and ends with YOU… this means that it’s completely within your reach!

Which means you can STOP chasing down…


The latest marketing or growth hacking tactic.


The next online course that promises you a six-figure payday and passive income bliss.


The shiny new piece of software or technology or magic bullet…

Because the power to find and create a sense of peace, stability and fulfillment in your practice is all about you.

Because here’s something we clinicians don’t like to admit: we’re human.

And that means you, like every other human, have a unique ability to get in your own way… to procrastinate… avoid doing what needs to be done… become stuck in analysis-paralysis…. to devalue your time, energy and expertise.. and avoid taking action because you’re terrified of being judged by your peers or, God forbid, making a mistake.

(Hey there, perfectionist. I see you – because I am one of you!)

Why is this? Why is it that so many smart, intelligent and capable clinicians struggle to implement the very things they are so skilled at helping their own clients master?

It comes down to this:

→ Self-sabotage

→ Poor self-management

→ And a lack of clarity about how to master yourself and your business.

So here’s the good news: Today, this changes. For good.

I created the Success Mindset Masterclass to help you get un-stuck in your private practice.

Because knowing yourself, understanding your limits and learning how to break through those limits is the only way you’ll ever see progress.

It’s the only way you’ll ever be able to turn intention into action.

And isn’t that empowering? Isn’t it incredible to know that you already have everything you need to succeed – and thrive – in private practice, and you just need to learn how to harness it?

Isn’t that waaaaaayy more fun that trying to learn the next hack, trick or tactic, and desperately searching for the silver bullet that will change everything?

(Feel free to close that tab in your browser about Facebook ads or SEO or whatever new tool you’re trying to learn at the moment. You’re welcome.)

You’re in control now.

You have power to change.

And you’re about to learn how.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself, invest in your practice and invest in your vision for your life, your family and your business…

Give me one weekend.

And I’ll give you all the tools you need to make that vision a reality.

“I’ve doubled my staff, increased revenue, and started getting calls from other companies who wanted to work with me and see me as an expert.”

My first mastermind class as an entrepreneur was Jo Muirhead’s 2016 Your Success Mindset in San Francisco and it blew me away!  I attended not sure what to expect and maybe even a bit skeptical – but I left full, with a new mindset, equipped, excited and ready to take my business to the next level. And that is exactly what happened. 
This powerful 3-day class is packed with everything you need to break through barriers, challenges, and myths to knock down the walls and move from a place of fear and doubt to a place of confidence and knowing “I can do this”!
Within 5 months of the masterclass, I’ve doubled my staff, increased revenue, and started getting calls from other companies who wanted to work with me and see me as an expert.
If you have the opportunity to be there in Sept on 2017…DON’T MISS IT! There is no reason to waste any more time or money…THIS is what you need.
Frances Harvey

My Solution Services

What do you want to create in your life and practice in 2017 and beyond?

Whether you want to…

    • Hire an assistant or another clinician

    • Start offering coaching, group work or online therapy to your arsenal

    • Get into speaking, training or consulting

    • Finally write your book

    • Become an authority and the “go to” person in your niche

    • Create an online course and develop new streams of income

    • Simply feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your work…

…The Success Mindset Masterclass will help you understand what’s really getting in the way of you making that happen – and exactly what you can do now to address it.




– a plan of action for how you’ll reach your private practice goals (hint: it involves better clients, more leveraged income, more of the work you love, and LESS of the work you don’t)


– the self awareness, knowledge and skills you need to thrive in 2017 and beyond


– the tools you need to tackle your personal patterns of self-sabotage and “stuckness” in your practice


– an understanding of yourself, your triggers and what’s really getting in your way


– a crystal clear understanding of what you want to create in your practice and… the steps you need to take to make it happen

– the confidence to escape from analysis-paralysis into implementation mode


– the specific strategies to break free whenever you notice yourself feeling overwhelmed and stuck


– the ability to conquer the self doubt and comparison (not to mention the fear of failure and being judged by your peers) that keeps holding you back


“You absolutely will not regret it. We’ll be back this year.”

My business partner and I both attended last year’s event with Jo, and it was an investment in our practice that was so worth it!

We also brought one staff therapist with us, and watched her ideas and horizons grow throughout the weekend. Jo’s structure for each day and the entire weekend made even more growth possible as she created a safe and powerful atmosphere to challenge each of us beyond our comfort zones- even those of us who are already working well outside the usual therapist box (or couch). 

She put a lot of work into our pre-conference prep so we were ready to get to work and change what was needed. We left knowing a small group of like minded therapists who have continued to be an influence and support after an intense, interactive, and fun weekend. I would recommend this for any therapist who wants to build their practice, work better with colleagues, and expand beyond their daily routine. 

You absolutely will not regret it. We’ll be back this year.

Jill Johnson-Young

Co-Founder and Clinical Therapist, Central Counseling Services

“I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from the masterclass, but I knew that my experience with Jo’s coaching in the past has always been so positive, insightful, and helpful that it was sure to be a great experience.  And I was not disappointed!
The clarity I received on my business goals, the support I needed, and where I was “spinning my wheels” was so helpful.  The dynamics of the group were so supportive and engaging.  Even though the days were long the time seemed to fly by.  The ongoing support afterwards was also beneficial to help with solidifying the next steps.  I could not have asked for a better experience!!”
Catherine O'Brien

MA, LFT, Happy With Baby

“Jo’s gift is in her ability to diagnose and speak directly into complicated issues to get to the heart of what’s really going on and where you’re stuck.”


“When it came time for my hot-seat session at last year’s Masterclass, I had watched other therapists being open, vulnerable and finding clarity about their problems and concerns.  I wanted help with moving past the overwhelm and creating a plan that I could execute. I also knew I wanted to save time and money and get on the right track quickly. For about 6 months, I had been struggling with a projec. I had made some progress, however, this project wasn’t complete. I knew being in that seat might be hard and I might hear stuff I didn’t want to; however, I knew I needed perspective on this obstacle if I was going to push my income to the next level.  


Jo and I talked about the project and drew a couple of diagrams on the board, and it started to make sense. Jo is kind and compassionate in her coaching but she is also very real, and if you are using excuses she will kindly tell you to knock it off and get back to the business at hand. My project is taking off, I am making money, and I have become a better leader for my team.


Jo has an ability to turn overwhelming and complicated situations into logical solutions. She gave me the clarity I needed for my project and the exact steps I needed to take to overcome it. Nearly a year later, I continue to refer to the notes I took during my session to help me correct course whenever to overwhelm creeps back in.


Jo’s gift is in her ability to diagnose and speak directly into complicated issues to get to the heart of what’s really going on and where you’re stuck. I would recommend the VIP hot-seat day to established clinicians wanting to get a pressing, nagging issue in their practice solved – and are willing to show up, be vulnerable and supported by a group of like-minded clinicians in making sustainable and lasting change.”

Sherry Shockey-Pope

LMFT, Central Counseling Services, Therapy Practice in a Box

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I care about mindset? I just want to know what to do!
We ALL want to know what to do. But I keep saying this – you DO NOT need more tactical and strategic information. You need to learn how to get out of your own way so that you can start implementing. I don’t want to overwhelm you with more information, more strategy, more tools and tactics. I just want you to start doing the things that excite and inspire you. It’s easy to learn but it is so, so hard to DO SOMETHING with that information and implement it to see results! So – let’s talk about how to make THAT happen.
What is included in the ticket price?

We’ll provide the the food, drinks and (irresistible) company throughout the day. You’ll be responsible for looking after your accommodation and travel costs.

Canapès and drinks on Thursday (for everyone) plus dinner on Sunday night is on us (for VIPS only).

How long should I have been in practice for to attend the masterclass?
This is not a room for start-ups. If you haven’t opened your practice yet, this isn’t the right time for you. To get the most out of the masterclass, you will have been in private practice for at least 12 months.
Jo, I must know - will there be coffee!?
A resounding YES.
What is your refund/cancellation policy?
You can find a copy of our refund and cancellation policy here. When you register for the masterclass, you agree to these terms.

Well hey – I’m Jo Muirhead

and I’m a clinician in private practice just like you. I’ve been practicing for over 20 years and currently run a successful multi-clinician practice.

I started my practice in 2009 after growing weary of the restrictions of salaried employment and contract work. Ready to set my own rules and do my work the way I love to do it, I threw open the doors to my practice expecting freedom, fulfillment and flexibility.

Much to my surprise and disappointment… I soon found myself back on the hamtser-wheel of having too much to do, not enough time, and feeling disconnected from my work and my passion.

I knew something had to change.

I started paying attention to the ways that I was holding myself back under the guise of busyness. I started to see the patterns of procrastination, perfectionism, poor self-management and commitment that were playing out every day in my work and life.

It became clear to me that the last thing I needed was to learn more before taking action. I was good enough – and the thing holding me back was…. ME! Since then I have spent countless hours learning how to get back in control of my practice by becoming a master of myself before anything else.

The result? My businesses are flourishing. I have the insight and self-knowledge that I need in order to make the right decisions about where to spend my time, energy and money and I’ve fallen back in love with my work again.

I’m doing the work I love, the way I love to do it. 



“Jo has been invaluable to the success that my business is today … I can proudly say that, through my work with Jo, I no longer provide any contract services to any other companies and my business is really flourishing” Laura Bodycoat

Occupational Therapist, Bodycoat Rehabilitation

“Jo has been a dynamic influence in helping me expand my business and way of thinking. She is a “no nonsense” mentor, coach and adviser. She has a very unique ability to support, encourage and challenge while coming from a place of positivity, strength and abundance. I have truly appreciated the time I’ve spent working with Jo and would highly recommend her to anyone that wants accountability, new strategy and growth in their business and way of thinking.” Michael Dietrich-Chastain

LPC, DCC – Consultant, Coach, Therapist, Path to Synergy

“As an entrepreneur, I am constantly bombarded with ways that I can spend my money. I’m often plagued at night with wondering if I’m getting the most bang for my buck. With Jo, I can honestly say this fear never crossed my mind. I definitely spent money wisely with her, but what’s more is I’m so beyond ecstatic that I had the honor of working with her. I genuinely can say that I learned so much from her, and she guided me effortlessly and with grace. Jo is beyond humble and direct with her lessons.” Brittainy Wagner

MA, LPC, Tidemark Therapy

Not sure if the Masterclass is right for you?

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