You know that stuck, stumped, worn out kinda feeling? The one where you feel like you’re working so hard, all of the time and just not getting anywhere?

I remember this feeling well – even though I was bringing in good money, I was still frustrated by what felt like a lack of growth in my practice.

Because we all know as clinicians in private practice that increased revenue isn’t the only measure of growth and success, right?

Having a full client roster isn’t the same as feeling in control of your work and business. And it’s not the same as having a sense of freedom and being able to do the work you love – on your terms.

It’s too easy to assume that the way to a fulfilling business is to just learn how to market better. Take this course. Buy that thing. Learn this tactic. Profit!

I had spent so much time and money learning about marketing and sales. I was convinced that the next tactic was going to finally give me that sense of mastery I was looking for in my practice.

In fact I spent nearly $20K on coaching and tactics before I realised that I needed something different – and most of all, that someone else couldn’t give me all the answers I was looking for.

Marketing and sales tactics aren’t necessary if what you’re ultimately chasing is a feeling of freedom and being in control of your work. This is the sort of feeling you can only find by getting real with yourself and ripping off a whole bunch of band-aids that have been working “well-enough” (or maybe not so well after all) up until now in your business.

What has worked to get you to where you are isn’t enough anymore.

I can give you all the marketing tactics under the sun, but they will only get you so far unless you have these 3 things covered.

And they all start with you.

1.    Know who you are 

This changes as your practices grows and develops. You aren’t going to be the same person at 12 months into private practice as you are 5, 10 years into private practice. You need to know who you are as a boss, as a senior clinician, as a manager, as an administrator, as CEO – not to mention who you want to be when you’re not at work. How can you bring in the right clients if you don’t understand who you are and who you’re going to LOVE working with?


2.    Know who you serve

This also evolves as you grow. I’ve been working with clients who within 12 months change who it is they want to work with. That’s FINE. It’s OK to change who your ideal client is. As you grow and develop then it stands to reason that the people you want to work with will also change.

I know that it seems scary to niche – maybe casting the net wide will give you better chances of catching a client? Not the case. When you speak to everyone, you reach no one. The people who NEED you? Well, you better be speaking right to them, or they won’t find you…. or even worse, when they do, they just won’t care because your message is so watered down.


3.    Be able to talk to the people you want to serve in a way that they can hear and understand you.

I get that this sounds like marketing and sales. Which immediately makes you feel totally skeezy – I get it.

But really, #3 is about rapport and relationship – this is something you’re already brilliant at as a clinician. What if you saw every marketing and sales as a opportunity as a way to connect with people, genuinely? What if your marketing became about your client, not about you, and not about pleasing your peers for once?

When you sort these 3 things out, you’re on a path to fulfillment, freedom and flexibility. The newest tactic or strategy can’t give you these answers.

If you’re ready to accelerate your practice to end 2016 with a bang and start 2017 off right, let’s talk.




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Jo Muirhead is a Rehabilitation Counsellor with over 20 years of experience in vocational rehabilitation. Jo is a mentor to allied health professionals who are ready to make freedom, flexibility and fulfilment happen in 2016. Click here to download the free guide: How to Find Freedom in Your Private Practice. 

Jo is the creator of the Book of Evidence.

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