I am still riding on the wave of The Most Awesome Conference that was held in LaJolla, CA  from 27-30 May 2015.

To say this conference was impacting is quite an understatement.  The ripples of change are continuing and this is so incredibly inspiring for someone like me who wants to see clinicians step into their power, to #knowtheirworth and #owntheirinfluence in private practice.

For me this was an incredible opportunity, and I remain to full of gratitude to Kelly Higdon, Miranda Palmer (http://www.zynnyme.com/)  Joe Sanok (http://www.practiceofthepractice.com/) and Dr Juli Hanks (http://www.juliehanks.com/).


Being an Australian speaking to a US audience (less 1 Canadian) we did have the usual hiccups of lost in translation.  There was

  • Fortnight – what is that they asked?
  • Reservation – not something you make when dining out
  • And reference to a “SWAG” being something that you take when you “ Go Bush”.

Interpretations, translations and plain Jojo making a large phopah  aside, we really did achieve an amazing amount of energy which has lead to increased rate; new client’s media appearances; new ventures being launched……..

I did notice 3 very common themes being expressed throughout the conference that I hear over and over again from client’s and people who speak to me on a Consult call.


  1. 1.      Everyone has hang ups about money.


Regardless of how much money are you or are not making, everyone has an issue or a hang-ups.  It comes out when they speak; when they offer a client’s a service’; when they write their website copy; when they pay for their own learning and development.  You have money hang ups; I have money hang ups – these are not new.  They don’t have to keep you stuck though – and if you don’t know what yours are then how will you break through them to achieve the lifestyle you have been dreaming of?

  1. 2.      People add strength to your decisions

Have you ever noticed how you feel empowered to make a decision that you have been sitting on for a while, when some else says – hey that’s a great idea?  This is similar to giving permission.   What is truly incredible is receiving that strength from someone who has gone before you – because as we all know sometimes we need to rely on the confidence of someone else until our self confidence kicks in.

If you don’t have someone who can add strength to your decisions you will end up second guessing your decisions

However, you don’t need 4 peers; 3 mentors and your life partner to give you that strength.  One trusted advisor is enough!

  1. 3.      You have got to find YOUR people

I cannot tell you often enough how much power there is in group.  A group of your people; people who get you and champion your cause.  You can’t have money issues and remain isolated – that’s never going to work.  You can’t lean on others for strength when you need it in isolation that will lead to a sense of foreboding and inaction.

I challenge you now, where can you go to get the type of support you need to build a successful, sustainable and profitable private practice?  There are some many resource available online – but right here, I am asking you to find your community.  A group of people who will have your back.


Are you ready to work this out – to build a private practice that supports you, provides for you and cares for you – yes cares for you????    I would love to talk to you and help you to take control of your value and your worth. All you need to do is click here and book in for a FREE consult with me.

Here’s to your success






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