Hey Fabulous Clinicians,

At about the time you’re reading this, I’ll have just touched the ground back in here Australia after an amazing weekend in San Francisco hosting a Masterclass for Private Practice Owners. 10 Clinicians, 2 days, and a whole lotta breakthroughs:

While I recover from jet lag and pretend to be human for the next couple of days, I wanted to share a quick round of some of my favourite resources for you practice builders out there.

  1. The one where I share how to plan an event or workshop without going in insane.
  2. The one where we talk about what’s really going on for you when you want to charge more but can’t seem to pull the trigger.
  3. That time when I got personal and shared my story of burnout and overwhelm.
  4. The one where we debunk the harmful “build it, and they will come” mentality that so many clinicians get stuck in – with no sales, or clients to show for it.
  5. And finally, the one where I share a call to arms for you, me, and everyone else who is hellbent on consuming without contributing. (This one ruffled some feathers. )

Here’s to your success,



Jo Muirhead is a Rehabilitation Counsellor with over 20 years of experience in vocational rehabilitation, and a mentor to allied health professionals who are ready to make freedom, flexibility and fulfilment happen in 2016 and beyond. Click here to download the free guide: How to Find Freedom in Your Private Practice. 

Jo is the creator of the Book of Evidence.

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