Last week I wrote a blog post  10 Life Hacks for a Successful, Sustainable and Profitable Private Practice. We all know the drudgery of being on the treadmill of our work, where we feel depleted, drained and exhausted.

I know this because I lived that life for way too long too



Not any more I say!  I know it doesn’t have to be this way, so I’m going to share with you a little bit more today to help set you up for a successful, sustainable and profitable private practice.


Lets start with


  1. Stop Double handing information.


One area I see clinicians making huge demands on their time again and again is by the way they double handle so much information.  I could not tell you the numbers of clinicians I have mentored to get their paperwork, filing, and clinical notes in order.  I wonder if you realize that every time you are thinking about the admin, the paper work, the clinical notes that you haven’t sorted then you are actually double handing this information.  How much time effort and worry is wasted thinking, and thinking, and thinking, about this stuff.


I so often hear the cry of – “If only I could get my paper work up to date!”


Well you can, and you need to! So here are 5 of my best tactics to get your information working for you


  1. Do administration things quickly. Just give them the Nike “ just do it”
  2. Do not book back to back therapy clients. Have a buffer in-between your client’s so you can get their notes done. Done and dusted! (maybe you can eat too, just a thought)
  3. Build systems for your client information. Goodness there is so much practice software available these days, yet people are still struggling to get their admin completed.  So this tells me that it’s not a technique or tactics or tool issue, that it’s a mindset issue.  And very often it’s because we as helpers and healers want to be with people – NOT ‘paper’.
  4. Have a great idea for a blog or a piece of content for your marketing- then turn it into 5 different pieces of content. Write a blog; create a short video; turn your longer blog into bite size social media pieces; create an audio; build a theme around your blog post to create a series under the same theme, and use it as an Opt-in.Look at that 5 weeks of content from 1 idea – that’s not bad ROI!!!!!
  5. Every time you teach someone how to do something WRITE IT DOWN.  If it’s for a client, you now have a resource.  A resource you can use again with another client; a resource you could sell……


If it’s with team members, then if you have to teach it once chances are you will need to teach it again and again – so write it down.  Better still create a video as a learning resource for your team.  Simply use something like Zoom, or Jing, or Snaggit – create a short video and then build a training library for your team and for any other team member who comes your way.


We have so many opportunities; so much information coming at us everyday – I get that at times it’s difficult to know what it is YOU need to focus on and how to implement specifically what needs doing into your practice.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t do anything, or give us permission to stay stuck.


Now if you have a bit of a mess with your admin, information and paper work right now, then you need to prioritize this to get yourself into a workable system.  This is the kind of thing that burns people out, the constant worry, and fear of what happens if my  paper work isn’t up to date.


I put information systems into my business and I got 5 hour back a week.  I’ve taught my team members how to do this, and they have hours and hours back in their week.  What can we all do with those extra hours each week?……

If you are ready to work this out – to build a private practice that supports you, provides for you and cares for you – yes cares for you????  I would love to talk to you and help you to take control of your value and your worth. All you need to do is click here and book in for a FREE consult with me.

Here’s to your success






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