(And Other Unhelpful Things I Tell Myself)

The response to my blog post from a couple of weeks ago “What happens when the clinician and entrepreneur collide” has been fantastic.  This conversation has really opened up discussion on the skills and mindset shifts that need to change for clinicians in private practice.  I know many readers want to know if they have what it takes to be a clinician in private practice.  Do you have what it takes?   If you are honest, this question is very close to bubbling over into your conscious thinking and threatening to overwhelm you – because what happens if you don’t have what it takes?  This question is always bubbling away under the surface.  We do the things.  We listen to the podcasts. Write the plans. Engage consultants, coaches and business mentors.  We go to seminars; become credentialed; and add more modalities to our skills set.  But all the time we are wondering, “Do I have what it takes?”

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We read about so many small businesses going out of business within 12 months. And of those who make it beyond 12 months, few make it to 5 years.  We hear the loud voices of those who didn’t cut it; those who became over worked, under paid, over-burdened, discouraged, dispirited and often ill.  We see this. We fear this.  And that voice is getting louder – “Do I have what it takes?”

Whether you are starting your own practice or have been in business for many years, this voice doesn’t go away.  The whisper is there. It’s constantly threatening to get louder. Even as you work harder, learn more skills, write another plan, bill more hours, build a team, create new service offerings, and go to another seminar. That voice is still your constant companion.  However the statement has ‘matured’ – now it is saying; ‘What makes me think I can cut it?  What makes me think I have what it takes?’

You suffer a setback and receive a complaint. Your marketing efforts don’t work. Then a team member tries to steal your customers. You try t to create your own website and then integrate it with an auto-responder because you heard Jo say on her free video series this was something you needed to do. But still, where are the client’s?  Where are the referrals?   Where is the freedom and lifestyle you desired… No you were promised? You catch yourself saying, “WHAT MADE ME THINK I COULD DO THIS?”

You need to hear this. You see, you are not alone.  We all think this – and even 5 years on with all the success I have had in my businesses I still hear this voice.  This past two weeks this voice has been yelling at me.  I hosted my first ever customer event, the PurpleCo ‘Christmas in July’, and I was terrified that no one would turn up.  That voice came back to me saying, “What makes you think you can do this? This is what real businesses, successful businesses do”. Yes I know I have a real business, and a successful business, but my emotions and my self- talk at times have not caught up with the reality of the situation.

Do you have what it takes?  Here’s 5 questions to help you find out;

  1. Are you teachable? Are you willing to say “I don’t know” and then go and learn?  Are you committed to learning, life-long learning?
  2. Are you persistent? Do you know how to keep going? And have another go, and try again, and again, and again?  (Hint:  if you have learned how to tie shoelaces then you are actually persistent, remember how hard that was at 4 years of age!)
  3. Do you LOVE what you do?  If not, you will find excuses, and start wanting to do something else.  And, if you want a private practice just to make money you will burn out.
  4. Are you prepared to become a success?  So many people think that a fear of failure stops them from succeeding.  I disagree! I talk to so many people who have a fear of success. This fear keeps people small.
  5. Can you make a mistake, say sorry and get up and have another go?  You will make mistakes as an entrepreneur. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to this private practice building thing.  I am sorry to all of the ‘7 steps to success’ people, but there isn’t – you need to apply what you learn from your mistakes to your private practice.  Make mistakes, and, get good at it (Hint: if you have learned to walk then you know how to make mistakes and get back up again).

Do YOU have what it takes?  Chances are if you have read this far in this blog, then Yes! Yes you do! You will quite possibly still be feeling quite scared, and doubtful and anxious about it – but that doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes. It just means you are scared and doubtful.  And, this is a good thing! It means you are NORMAL.

If you have recognized that you may be struggling with this question, know you’re not alone.  I know you because I have been you.  Let me help you.  Feel free to take advantage of a FREE 30 minute consult where I can help you to still this voice. To claim this FREE consult, click here

Here’s to your success


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P.P.S. Health Professionals deserve the lifestyle and freedom that comes with being successful business owners.  These are skills you can learn!

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