You may remember the blog post I wrote 10 Life Hacks for a Successful, Sustainable and Profitable Private PracticeWell the 3rd point on this blog post was about Investing in yourself and  in this blog I want to tease out this particular   conundrum some more because I see clinicians NOT investing in themselves time and time again

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 My guess is that when you read that question – Am I Worth Investing IN?  Your first response was, of course I am.  Hmmmmmm that’s not what I am seeing or hearing.  Let me explain

How do I know clinicians are not investing in themselves?  Well the answer to that is quite simple.  I know that clinicians are not investing in themselves because I talk to clinicians weekly who are:

  • Burnt out
  • Doing work they hate
  • Considering total career changes
  • Charging pittance
  • Blaming their employer, spouse, family, cat, dog for not supporting them.

When we are truly investing in ourselves, our worth, and the value we bring to the client’s we are best positioned to serve then we will:

  • Invest time and money into effective clinical supervision
  • Attend the training courses we WANT to attend
  • Learn the business skills we need to build a successful, sustainable and profitable private practice
  • Say No when we have too many client’s  to work with
  • Build communities and share our knowledge and experience
  • Take holidays
  • Eat well
  • Rest well
  • Care enough about ourselves as we do about our client’s

ALL the FREE online resources in the world will not give you’re the business and lifestyle of your dreams.  Sure there is a lot of FREE information available, but you need to be serious about YOU and YOUR development as a clinician in private practice.

This means taking personal responsibility for your won professional development, every day; every week; every month and year


It’s yours and yours alone.

Where does your practice require a time or money investment?

Where do you require a time and money investment?

Its time to hire that coach; commit to that training; to join a mastermind; to build a network; to create a professional development calendar for yourself.

Now is the time

If you are ready to work this out – to build a private practice that supports you, provides for you and cares for you – yes cares for you????  I would love to talk to you and help you to take control of your value and your worth.  All you need to do is click here and book in for a FREE consult with me.

Here’s to your success






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