The (Ineffective) Marketing Model of Most Clinicians in Private Practice…

Scenario 1: What happens when you don’t have the right marketing in place:

Scenario 2: What happens when you don’t leverage your time:

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Scenario 3: What happens when your marketing is working and you’re leveraging your time:

There are 3 underpinning foundations that every Private Practice needs. It doesn’t matter if it is a single clinician practice, a multi clinician practice, an information products practice, a speaker- author-mentor practice – or even a business-managing practice!

In order to make your private practice work for you (not the other way around) you must:

  1. Know who you are.
  2. Know who you serve.
  3. Know how to speak to those you serve in a way they can hear & understand you.

Without these 3 foundations, you will only get so far.

Then you will continue to hit your head against the ceiling of your own knowledge and skills.  You will get frustrated.  You will be disappointed.  And you will wonder how others seem to be able to do what you can’t seem to do.

To Accelerate Your Practice, at whatever stage you are in, get these 3 things right – and watch the magic happen. You’ll develop the knowledge, skills and experience you need to apply these foundations as you grow your business now and in the future.

You Need Accelerate Your Practice If…

Well, if you relate at all to scenarios 1 and 2 above, or….

  • You need more clients, and dream of a consistent flow of referrals – the referrals that are right (even perfect) for you.
  • You’re already in private practice and you know that you need to do something different than just seeing more clients.
  • You want to at least double, maybe even triple your current yearly revenue.
  • You hate the thought of having to ‘sell’ your services but realise marketing is crucial for your business growth.
  • You want to learn how to market yourself and get more, high paying clients who love you.
  • Your want to implement a new model of service delivery – one that inspires you to be the best possible version of yourself you can be.
  • Your want to reignite your passion for your clients while having the lifestyle you have dreamed of.
  • You want to do the work you love the way you love to do it.

I’m on a mission to change the way allied health is practised.


I am leading a revolution where clinicians in private practice know their VALUE and are paid their WORTH.  


I KNOW this leads to better outcomes for clients and better outcomes for us because we dared to become fulfilled and successful as clinicians in private practice. 


So… will you join me? 

What do you get in AYP?

Accelerate Your Practice is a training academy designed to take you step by step through all the key areas of your business. Everything from what you should be working on and when, the how (and why) of marketing and sales and most importantly caring for you!

It’s designed to take you from where you are right now in your private practice to where you want to be.

You see, any successful builder knows that an amazing mansion or skyscraper is worthless if the foundation isn’t solid.

AYP is an 6 month intensive online delivered program, supplemented by 1:1 coaching calls with me every other week to make sure the implementation happens and you see the results you want.

And every other week, you’ll have access to the group coaching calls I run with my group of clinicians in private practice. These group calls are powerful and you’ll receive valuable insights into the lives and businesses of clinicians who are on the same journey to doing more of the work they love, the way they love to do it.

Plus, in case it wasn’t clear – you have access to me, either through 1:1 calls or group calls, every single week. And that’s not including the Facebook group! In AYP, you’ll get the support you need, when and how you need it.


Click here to apply for a 30 minute chat with me to see if this program is right for you and your practice.

How to Find Freedom in Your Private Practice -

Through knowing:

1. Who you are

2. Who you serve

3. And how to take your message to Market

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