Be Yourself.

The final life hack in the series is a simple one, but we often forget it in the haze of professionalism and necessary boundaries we are surrounded by at work – be yourself!

No one has the same uniqueness as you. Those traits that make you different – your sense of humour, your quirks and your foibles – those are the things that truly allow you to have a human connection with your clients. And we all know that without a connection, we will never see progress.

When we are not ourselves, we are pushing our clients away.

So stop hiding behind the mask of professionalism and clinical distance! Let yourself be you, a human being who is perfectly flawed and OWN it.

When in doubt, know your worth, be yourself, and make that real connection with people.


The conviction to be yourself is something I explore in depth in my AYP event on November 5 2015. Click here to register your interest and learn how to make your practice thrive. Places are strictly limited!



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