I had the opportunity to meet with a fantastic clinician from Dallas this week (thank you Internet).  I was so encouraged by her commitment to her study, her discipline and her desire to bring about change in her community.

However, one topic came up as we were nearing the end of our conversation…  Like so many clinicians she is fearful of burning out – because as clinicians we care!

However, living in fear of burning out isn’t helpful.  In fact, it’s self-limiting and makes us shrink.  It stops us from being expansive and abundant.

I do know how real burning out is.  I’m not being flippant or trying to shame anyone.

I also know that we can trust in our own resilience and recovery.  Burnout can then become a part of our experience – not the cessation of all that is good in our life.

I thought it might be worthwhile sharing my own burn out story again – you can read it here.

Burning out isn’t something to fear.  It is something we learn from, it is manageable and it is avoidable.  But it isn’t the end of anything!

Go be your awesome self today!


PS – if you are concerned that you may be burnt out or on the brink of burning out, please ask for help.  The sooner we can acknowledge that things aren’t “right”, the sooner we can get the right help.  Be the example to your clients – this is the time to lead the way.

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