Hey fabulous health professionals,

What image comes to mind when I say the word “marketing”? Does it feel like a complex machine filled with countless moving parts, confusing and thoroughly intimidating?

If you feel like you need an MBA in order to make sense of marketing and how to apply it to your private practice, you are not alone.

Demystifying the Marketing Machine

With people throwing around words like SEO, sales funnels, adwords, website optimisation, CRM, CMS, analytics and conversion rates… it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed.

So with that said, I have to break it to you: marketing is not complex. It doesn’t have to be tacky, or pushy, or in your face. 

You don’t have to learn a million rules, learn to code or figure out 10 new software programs.

The best person to market your private practice is actually you. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Understand that marketing your private practice requires you to know yourself, know who you serve and communicate to your ideal clients in a meaningful way.
  • You cannot superimpose someone else’s system onto your business because who they are who they serve is different to who you are and who you serve. 
  • The only thing you need to be an expert in when it comes to marketing is yourself, your clients’ problems, and explaining to them how you can solve their problems.

That’s it.

Don’t get caught up in all the crazy systems and shiny tech objects until you know who you are and who you serve.

– Jo

  • So – I’d love to know – can you tell me who you are and who you serve in the comments below? Do you know how to communicate with your clients in a way that helps them see you are the BEST person to help them solve their problems? 

We should probably talk if the answer is no. You can book a free 30 minute consult with me here

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