You know that horrible feeling when we feel all stuffed up and clogged up inside? We feel sluggish, uncomfortable, and less than our best. It’s not too much different for our Private Practices.


I’ve noticed this phenomenon. I see myself and my client’s battling with one specific thing that is clogging up the rest of their business. This one thing usually relates to an activity we avoid, something we are fearful of – however it fills up all of the space we need in our business for referrals, clients, and cash to flow.

Let me give you some examples:

My client who owns a sewing business avoided her backlog of overdue orders. Some dating back 6 months. She simply refused to look at them. Once they we ALL scheduled and allocated to be completed new orders flowed, big orders flowed, and an opportunity to start supplying into the USA arrived – all within 2 hours of cleaning out the back log! For the next week she received at least 1 order a day. Now that’s a flow.

Another client who is safe in her corporate consulting role. They don’t treat her very well, but she feels safe. Instead of constantly thinking about how much she doesn’t like this customer we started talking about what she would rather be doing and who she would rather be serving. What happens next – she is approached by radio for interview, approached by an overseas company to start providing advice about setting up shop here in Australia and is able to negotiate a consulting rate increase with this current customer. The fear that was holding her back was clogging up her opportunities!

For me it’s report writing. If I don’t keep on top of my reports they keep me awake and ruminate on them. I will do mindless busy work to avoid writing the report until such times as it becomes an emergency. What invariably happens when all reports are scheduled and almost completed is I stop thinking about it and new marketing opportunities for my team arrive.

What is this laxative we need to clear out the stuff that’s clogging up our business success I hear you ask? There are 2 things I want you to do right now:

  1. Identify what are you avoiding
  2. Schedule it into your diary NOW to be completed, not started, but completed

Start thinking about the end goal – the result you want from the completed task or activity. How do you want to feel? It takes discipline to be successful in private practice. You can’t ignore those things that keep you clogged up and stuck.

It’s time to give your private practice a laxative and get on with building your dream.

Here’s to your success


What’s stopping you and holding you back? What are you avoiding? Want to be encouraged and supported to bust through this – then leave your comment below and I’ll be sure to answer and help you through this “stuckness”.

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