Fear is a nasty thing isn’t it? None of us, it would appear are immune to it. However I wonder if your Fear is stronger than your Courage……..

Courage is knowing what not to fear

If you are reading this, it’s my guess that your courage is much stronger than your fear. I get scared too; but my fear is NOT as strong as my courage. I do stuff afraid all the time.

I think we give fear way too much credit. Yes we do! And you know it.

Most things we fear don’t come to fruition. We spend a lot of time effort and energy on fearing stuff. I know that there are times when it is wise to be fearful. However, on the whole we give fear too much power.

I have recently spoken at a national conference. I was so fearful leading up to this conference that I didn’t sleep for three nights. I did that awesome (NOT!) tossing and turning thing where you can’t switch your mind off. I worked myself up into such a state that by the time the day came to speak I was over it and ready to run. I didn’t. I put on my courage and spoke for the 40 minutes given to me and guess what – I didn’t burst into flames, no one left the room while I was speaking, and my business didn’t fall over. In fact the message was so well received that my business will grow as a result.

Is Your Fear Stronger Than Your Courage

Fear is nothing but a fog that clouds our vision and our view. A fog may settle for hours even days but when the wind of courage comes, it may just take one gust and then FEAR be gone!

You are more courageous than you give yourself credit for. Put fear in its rightful place. Under courage. Away from view.

Here’s to your success



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