What does overwhelm do for you? No seriously I am asking. If you do overwhelm you are doing it for a reason – it gives you some pay off.

I had the privilege of working with Leela Cosgrove and she opened my eyes to this. It was NOT pleasant at the time, however I don’t pay mentors to make me feel good, I pay mentors to help me deal with stuff.

What I now know is that for me overwhelm leads to a Break Thru I am not for a minute suggesting its the most resourceful behaviour ever, but I do know it has a purpose.

And funnily enough I have just witnessed exactly the same thing in a client – for the last two weeks overwhelmed wanting to give up; wanting to give up her business and go and get a job; wanting the pressure to go away. All of this while she received 7 new clients and fills up her staff member and fills her classes.

2 hours after our session today, she has been asked to create a new product – and she will then sell this to other people. Overwhelm lead to the breakthru!

What does overwhelm do for you?

Here’s to your success


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