I’ve noticed this rather strange phenomenon. It’s been bugging me for a while now. I see it everywhere I turn, and especially with entrepreneurial health professionals. It is a phenomenon that makes me stop, think and then wonder why I too have so much trouble saying No! What on earth do I think is going to happen?

It might seem counter intuitive, however saying No will actually grow your business. Let me explain.

As health professionals we want to help and please people, I think we are quite prone to saying Yes to everyone and then paying the cost to our own health and to our businesses. I also think that a LOT of us have an incredible fear of missing out (FOMO), and I know for me FOMO will drive a lot of those poor business decisions.

However saying No is actually a good thing. You see, nature abhors a vacuum (Leela Cosgrove). When we say No to the client’s, customers, tenders, service level agreements that we should not be working on, space is created for the things we are supposed to be working on and they will come to fill the void. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to be marketing and selling.

When you don’t’ have the space, time or energy to work with the client’s you love those you are the best fit to work with you won’t be providing the best possible therapeutic service will you? This is no good for anyone

Still finding it difficult to say NO? Well then, watch the video and learn how I make this easy for you to do. It’s the tactic I teach my clients (and use myself) to get really clear on what they will not do and how this actually grows a business.

Have you watched the video and still have questions? Please post them in the comments section below, more than happy to answer your questions about this.

Here’s to your success.
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