Why Knowing Your WHY Is So Important for Health Professionals in Private Practice.

Being in a Health professional in Private Practice is not easy is it? So why do we continue to be in Private Practice?

WHY indeed.

It’s the WHY that keeps us going. It’s our WHY that compels us to turn up every day.

If it was just about making money, we would give up because as health professionals in private practice we are more about quality care than we are about money. If it was just about quality care, then we could work anywhere and work for free.

The WHAT of our WHY makes getting over all the difficulties when we are tired and a bit worn out worthwhile. It’s the substance of our WHY that makes being in Private Practice incredibly fulfilling.

What is your WHY? For me I want to change the health system. A noble quest I get that, but I want to change it at the level of practioners. Want to see more of my Why – watch the video. After 20 years I know that when I am in control of my work, when I get to do the work I love the way I love to do it, then my WHY is fulfilled. For me the WHY is all about freedom and the freedom to choose. It is central to EVERYTHING I do.

My WHY is congruent with who I am and the message I have to bring to the world. This is WHY your WHY is so important. Now let’s get clear on WHAT your WHY really is.

I would love to know your WHY, please leave your comments in the space below, and create a community of like minded powerful health professionals who can change the way we do health care!

Here’s to your success


If you like what you have read here today, and want some help to get really clear on your WHY, then please register for a FREE 30 minutes consult with me. I would love to help you explore this idea and for it to become the powerful driving force in everything that you do.

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