I hear from many health professionals who have private practices talk about needing to fill their schedule with paying clients. I get this, this is how I started, and it’s an important thing to be doing to grow a private practice.  However if your question is HOW do I fill my Practice, then your answer may not…..

Be the answer you had hoped for

To Paraphrase John Maxwell

Don’t ask HOW will I fill my Practice? Instead ask WHO will fill my practice?

You see when we are asking how will I fill my schedule we are focused on the selling time for money phenomenon, and you know by now that this is a trap. If your focus is on HOW do I fill my practice you will invariably fill it with the client’s who don’t commit; can’t pay; don’t show. You will be left feeling burnt out, unfilled and lost.

When we ask HOW we are left to the mercy of timewasters; tire kickers; un- resourceful people who drain us; see us, and leave us feeling worn out and so so so tired.

If we don’t have control of the WHO then the HOW will wear us out.

Instead focus on WHO will fill my practice. When we focus on the WHO we are focused on those people we are best positioned to serve. When we are focused on the WHO we are creating a Win-win.  The WIN for us is that we are doing the work we love, the way we love to do it, with the people we are best positioned to serve. The WIN for our client’s is that they are receiving care from someone who is motivated; engaged and who is the BEST person to help them with their needs.

The art of knowing WHO, is the art of Niching, which is something that every health professional in private practice needs to know, love, and do, it isn’t difficult. If you haven’t niched your services chances are you are letting the HOW run your business. That’s got a fairly short life span.

Niching isn’t difficult. And it’s a marketing term similar to target market. We didn’t go to university to learn to be marketers, but fortunately we can learn how to effectively market our services so that we can help more of the people we are called to help.  Niching is a part of the marketing puzzle.

If you are a hardworking, entrepreneurial health professional who knows they need to learn about marketing and sales (and if you are in private practice you do) Here’s how – simply book in a free sessions with me click here and lets see if this is something we can do together.

Here’s to your success.




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P.P.S. Health Professionals deserve the lifestyle and freedom that comes with being successful business owners.  These are skills you can learn!

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