Are you like me and have experienced the pre holiday crush? How about the post holiday crush?

Are you like so many other health professionals in private practice who simply give up on taking any leave, (the kind of leave you would recommend for your clients) all because it’s just too hard?

Well so was I, and today I want to break this habit and show you what I did to ensure I have a week off every 3 months (at least) and to break the cycle of burn out that was disabling me and my practice.

As health professionals we MUST be planning for and actually taking leave – Grab a cuppa (you know mine will be coffee right) and get ready to watch this short video – because this is important; we are going to plan for a Holiday and prevent the pre holiday crush!

The badge of overworked is no badge of honour. It is disrespectful to you, your clients and your profession.

The cry of no one will refer to me and I will lose business if I take a week off, is the cry of a business owner desperate for help to run their business like a business and not like an employee.

The fear of seeing clients, anger, agitation, annoyance, is a sign you have let this go on for too long.

You are worth far more to your clients, to your family and to yourself than to be an over worked, burned out health professional.

Book that week off now! Go do it, follow advice on this video you will be thanking me.

If you have recognized that you may be struggling with the issues identified in this video, know you’re not alone. I know you because I have been you. Let me help you. Feel free to take advantage of a FREE 30 minute consult where I can help you make sense of your business and how to plan for a holiday. To claim this FREE consult, click here.

Here’s to your success




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P.P.S. Health Professionals deserve the lifestyle and freedom that comes with being successful business owners. These are skills you can learn!

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