How many marketing and advertising messages do you see every day?

A dozen? One Hundred? Nope. Try 20 000.

How much of that content do you actually pay attention to? Our inboxes, our lives, are stuffed full of noise and information. We can’t consume it all – and we don’t want to.

We want the stuff that catches our eye. That makes us think differently. We are drawn to and want to read the content that challenges us.


Which image got your attention first? Peacocks or porridge?

So I want to ask you – in a world of “too much” – how are you going to stand out against the wall of beige?

You need to ask yourself:

What disruption does your industry need? What NEEDS to be said that just isn’t being talked about?

This isn’t about being brash or offensive. This about giving yourself a point of difference – your big fat WHY – and using it to cut through all the noise.

There is no other way to get your clients and customers to stop and listen. You cannot be beige. And you can’t wait for someone else to go first and do all the hard work – that is extremely beige.

And sure, some people won’t like what you have to say – that’s inevitable if you ever say anything worth saying or important. But building your practice out of fear is not how you get to success.

Being anti-beige is how you do more of the work you love to do, the way YOU love to do it.

And you can’t do this without a little bit of disruption.

What disruption does your industry need? Let me know in the comments below.

Here’s to your success,


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