Hello Fabulous Clinicians,

When I say “Evidence-Based Practice”, what comes to mind? Perhaps….

  • Facts
  • Research
  • Statistics
  • Objective Information?

I know that you, as a health professional, care deeply about working in a way that is based on fact – the stuff that works.

But I want to present a different idea today.

Are you looking objectively at the information, the facts, inside your own practice?

We are so good at evaluating facts from other sources. We are so good at being objective. But where I see a lot of clinicians falter is in being objective with themselves.

We are so good at brushing off our own achievements as a “fluke” or failing to acknowledge them at all. We are so focused on what hasn’t worked that we become blinded to our progress.

So we lose our passion. We get burned out and stuck in all the heaviness. It feels like nothing is going right. This job is HARD. We fixate on what went wrong and forget about all the things that make us:

  • unique
  • fun
  • creative
  • expert
  • life-changing for our clients

Are you objectively tracking all the things you are awesome at? How else are you supposed to build on these strengths, and create a life and a job where you get to do more of the work you love, the way you love to do it?

If the answer is no… you need your own Book of Evidence.

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