Do you enjoy people watching?  I do – and in this day and age I get to do it both online and offline.

Watching clinicians with their marketing is quite fascinating.

So many people want the new trick.  The magic pill.  They scour their hero’s, mentors, trainers and coaches in an effort to copy the latest techniques and tactics that are working for them.

It’s all quite entertaining – when you are NOT caught up in the middle of it.

I am asked all the time – what social media is making the most money for you Jo?  Do webinar’s work for lead generation?  Does speaking work to build your private practice?  How do I get into the media?  How do you get people to buy your training Jo?  How come when I do what you’ve done, it doesn’t work for me Jo?

You see if all you are trying to do is copy the latest tactics, or simply copy and paste what someone else who appears to be more “successful” than you is doing, then you are bound to fail in the end.

Copying tactics will only get you so far.

And lets face it, most of us as discerning experts in human behaviour can tell when you are not being the true you.

Your marketing will only work, once you’ve done the work on WHO you are!  I’m sorry, but it’s true.

I spent 2 years wanting the magic pill, the fast track, the simple solution, the copy and paste.  It was an expensive (in excess of $60K) error in judgment.

I hadn’t done the work on who I am.  I hadn’t done the work on what I know.  I hadn’t   done the work on my message and the difference I want to create in the world. I just wanted their success for me NOW.

I knew it was in me.  I just wanted it cheaper and faster.  I wanted it yesterday not when I had done the work.

I didn’t want to have to do the hard work.

You see I forgot that it had taken me 14 years to be an exceptional clinician, and then 4 years to build a successful private practice.  My over night success was actually 18 years in the making.  Launching into a new market – I thought I could expect the over night success and the same results

WRONG!  That’s the short cut to frustration, unnecessary expense and a sense of failure.

Those people I have admired, may have awesome tactics, but it’s because they have done the work.  The more and more time I spend doing the work and becoming Fierce around who I am, who I serve and what my message is, the easier, more effortless it becomes  to build my practice.

So, if this sounds like you – always pushing for the next marketing expert; wanting the cheap and free marketing training, or wandering why someone else’s marketing isn’t working for you – the its time to get clear

marketing becomes

Are you ready to get your head right and develop your marketing with confidence and ease?   I would love to talk to you what type of pricing model may work best for you, and help you to take control of your value and your worth. All you need to do is click here and book in for a FREE consult with me.

Here’s to your success






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