Do you get this?  Do you get how important your health is to your business and your earning capacity?


I guess I have been introduced to this through my clinical work as a Rehabilitation Counsellor, where I have helped people return to work following injury, illness and trauma. I have worked with so many people who have, as a result of a health incident, been reduced to poverty.

It’s unnecessary

And there are really simple things we can be doing every day.

Now, as health professionals we really need to be leading the way when it comes to health.  ALL health including mental health.

Let me put it even more bluntly

If you are a Therapist or Psychologist or Mental Health practitioner and you are NOT taking regular breaks from clinical work during the year, every year – then you are setting a bad example for mental wellness for your clients.

If you are a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer and you don’t value your own health or the benefits of exercise, then you are setting a bad example for your clients

Dieticians and Health Coaches – if you are NOT looking after your own nutrition then what example are you setting?

If I as a Rehabilitation Counsellor am NOT doing my rehab exercises and contributing to my health then what example am I setting for my clients?

If I was your private practice mentor, coach, consultant and I am not helping you to be a better version of yourself by helping you to see the VALUE that your health has on your business then what example am I setting.

If you are unwell – you can’t earn.  If you become ill and can’t earn what does this mean for your family?  What does this mean for the future you have dreamed of?  I get that accidents happen – there is no blame here.  But surely we can all:

  • Drink 2L of water per day
  • Eat naturally rich food each day
  • Exercise 3x per week ( yoga, Pilates, gentle walking)
  • Take regular breaks from work

This is JUST that important. You can’t just expect your body and your mind to keep going and going and going if you don’t refuel it properly.

So, go and create great health people – go learn how.  It’s not that difficult. If I can learn so can you. And I’m noting talking Green Juice and Mung beans (but I am assured they have their place)

Here’s to your success




PS – OH and if  you are ready to work out how to build a private practice that supports you, provides for you and cares for you – yes cares for you????  I would love to talk to you and help you to take control of your value and your worth. All you need to do is click here and book in for a FREE consult with me.  

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