That’s it, I’ve had enough, I don’t want to do this anymore.

(Let me guess you wanted something a tad more inspiring than that did you?)

How many of us said these or similar words when we came back to our offices in the past couple of weeks?

If you haven’t arrived back in your office, well guess what, you are probably going to be hit with the same thing.

Watch this rather entertaining video I captured after being back at work for 2 days.

The truth is, if you have had a good break. If you have given yourself time to replenish and done things that replenish you, then coming back to work 100% full on is going to take some work.

There is nothing wrong with you – you are normal and healthy.

Just because you don’t feel like doing work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing things. Give yourself a break – do what needs to be done and then meet me at the beach!

Here’s to your success, Jo



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