Learn to set goals you'll actually meet

The first goal setting workbook exclusively for clincians in private practice.

Learn how to set goals that matter in your life and practice - and follow the step-by-step process for making your success inevitable.

Are you awesome at setting goals... but rubbish at bringing them to life?

As much as you love to set goals, it’s too easy to get pulled aside by spotfires and urgent things in your business that pull you away from achieving the things that matter to you. Progress stalls, and suddenly, several months have passed and you STILL haven’t kicked down those goals you’d set earlier in the year.  

Or maybe you've achieved your goals, but still don’t feel fulfilled or satisfied. Something is missing - on the outside, you may have success and a busy business - but you’re still not living the life you want to live. This isn’t why you started working for yourself. You still feel just as trapped, stuck and tired as ever. 

The thing about being in private practice is this: I know that you want more than a successful practice. You want a thriving business and a thriving lifestyle too.

The kind of life where you get to experience true freedom, fulfilment and flexibility as a clinician in private practice, doing the work you love, the way you love to do it...

10 years of doing this on my own (and coaching other clinicians to create their own thriving practice) have taught me one thing: 

We need to get better at setting goals, setting the right goals for us, and then put a system in place that makes it inevitable that we will achieve those goals. 

The Goal Setting Workbook for Clinicians is that system. 

This is NOT your average goal setting book. Part eBook, part Workbook, Goal Setting for Clinicians is a 60 page fillable PDF that will walk you through setting your vision for the next 5 years of your life and business, and then guide you step by step through how to break your goals down into manageable pieces that you can chip away at consistently over the next 12 months. This is a system you can use again and again to get unstuck and see real progress in your practice.

I want more for you than just “busy”. Let’s work towards a thriving life and practice, shall we? 

What you’ll get out of this 60 page Workbook:

  • Why you haven’t been able to achieve your goals in the past
  • Why SMART goals aren’t so smart after all (and what to do instead)
  • How to clarify your vision for your life and business and create a plan for making it happen
  • How to turn your goals into tangible action steps that are manageable and achievable (overwhelm is NOT invited to this party)
  • My favourite tools and resources for staying on track and focused
  • Over a dozen planning pages (with examples to get you started) for setting your yearly, quarterly and weekly goals for your practice. Fill them in on your computer using the editable sections of this PDF, or print them out to use again and again.


Hi, I’m Jo Muirhead. I've been working as a Rehabilitation Counsellor for the past 20 years. Over the last decade I have continued to grow a successful, sustainable and profitable private practice… even though I was told that with my model and way of doing things, I could never succeed. 

I am passionate about clinicians in private practice and believe that private practice is the way of the future of health care. When we have more clinicians in private practice looking after themselves and stopping the myths of needing to wear “over-worked and underpaid” like a badge of honour, we will see greater commitment from our clients as we role model our expectations. In turn we will tell policy makers and social influencers that health care is everyone’s responsibility! Private practice is the heartbeat of health care, and as a clinician in private practice you deserve to be fufilled, because after all... you give people their lives back. This workbook book is my way of helping you get there. 

You're better than "busy". Let's create a plan for your thriving private practice today: