Here is another interview, this time with the incredible John Edwards of West Coast Psychotherapy.

In this interview, John gives very concrete examples of where and how self sabotage is turning up, and has turned up for him as both a clinician and a business owner. This is a very frank and forthright conversation.

There is a LOT of gold in this interview. A LOT!

However its really really tough to do this without some outside help – known as perspective.

It’s a bit longer than my other interviews (John likes to talk and he has good things to say so I didn’t want to stop him) so you may want to chunk this into a couple of sittings.

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Can I also suggest you grab a notebook or create a document for yourself because you are about to hear some GEMS from someone who truly GETS his purpose; GETS his contribution and GETS why he needs smart, ambitious people in his world to help him think differently.

This is what you are about to experience…

  • Unique perspective on how John established his Niche – and how he apprehended his own self-sabotaging thoughts that could have gotten in his way.
  • The Clever way John founded Supervision/Consultation for an additional service he wanted to start offering – when he could have chosen that it was all too hard (and too expensive).
  • On the Success Mindset Masterclass – John has a fantastic method for making a decision to attend, and hear what he has to share about his experience of the event.
  • 20 minutes into the recording discussion of John’s experience of the Success Mindset masterclass.
  • 24 mins is the GOLD of how mindset affects how you deal with FEES in PP. John’s description is just powerful.
  • Private Practice is like having an Opera Career (hmmm this is such a clever analogy from John).
  • Finding people are genuinely interested in your success.
  • “They” say that growing a business is the biggest self-development journey you will ever go on. I didn’t want to believe that for the first 12 months of my practice. In fact, I was going to prove “them” wrong and was going to show “them” you could grow a successful practice without all of the Personal Development foo-foo waa-waa stuff.
  • It’s not Foo-Foo, it’s not waa- waa – its real and it’s necessary.
  • If you aren’t getting the results that you want…. then you need to be reviewing what you are thinking about and what you are focused on.

Maybe this sounds a bit like you… Should you grow a team? Should you build another information product? How do I do all of that while keeping my income the same? I wanna holiday but I cant take time off. Is all I can look forward to is less than minimum wage?

HELL NO we can change this! And we can change it quite quickly (but you will need to keep implementing it right – you know that).

Then this is THE EVENT for you!

How do I know – well I’ve been where you are, and this is what it took to get me out of my STUFF and into my life where my practice serves me, so I can serve my team and we can serve our clients.

The truth is however, it took a lot longer that it needed to because I was so resistant. I didn’t have the tools and I thought I knew what was needed.

Learning and information gathering isn’t enough. You are going to have to make different decisions, you are going to have to start filtering out all of the noise. Let me take you through a process to un-clutter all that stuff in your head, release the stuff that’s getting in your way, and help you gain the clarity you are craving.

September 14-17 San Francisco USA


How to Find Freedom in Your Private Practice -

Through knowing:

1. Who you are

2. Who you serve

3. And how to take your message to Market

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