running-498257_1280Hey fabulous clinicians,

The decision to move out of salaried employment and begin a private practice is a BIG one.

And I’ve worked with so many experienced clinicians – sometimes with decades of experience and knowledge – who still don’t feel ready to make the jump into private practice. So what gives?

Don’t Fight the Feeling

Being ready for private practice isn’t a question of age or experience. You’ll know it when you feel it – it’s this little longing that keeps boiling up inside of you to do the work you want, the way you want, rather than just towing the party line.

It’s this sense that you could be serving your clients better if you were just left alone to do your job.

You might never truly feel “ready”. But that excuse isn’t good enough. Don’t fall into the trap of forgoing excellence in wait of perfection. It just doesn’t exist.

So there’s really no checklist or measurement tool for “private practice readiness”. It’s this sense – maybe the one you keep suppressing because it’s a bit of a scary idea – that there is a better way than the status quo.

The Private-Practice Un-Readiness Scale

On the flip-side, here are a couple of signs that you’re not ready for private practice:

  • You blame others for things going wrong
  • You don’t want to put in the work
  • You want someone else to fix it for you
  • You want a “done for you” solution

Hmm… notice how there were no criteria for “years of experience” or “clinical skill”? You’ll know when you’re serving your clients well – they’ll tell you with their words and their decision to keep coming back.

But if you’ve ever had that feeling of, “I could be serving them better if I did it my way”, it’s a pretty strong sign that the status quo isn’t for you anymore.

So what are you waiting for?


P.S. Are you still feeling lost in private practice? You might not have figured out who you are, who you serve and how to talk to so your clients will listen. This is what I help clinicians nail in their private practice. Want to know more? Click here to book a free 30 minute consult with me.

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