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Hey Fabulous Clinicians,

Have you ever felt the disappointment that comes from making progress in your business, only to feel like you’re back at “square one” after yet another setback?

What if I told you this way of thinking is a fallacy?

When you start a business, you might expect progress to be hard, but at least somewhat linear.

You have a vague idea of what it will be like, and you’re a little afraid…

But when you get it into it, you realise that progress is definitely not linear.

Intuitively you know this – as a counsellor, therapist or allied health worker, you are an expert at helping people manage setbacks as they work towards their goals.

So it makes sense that the actual journey of private practice looks more like this:

cropped starting a businessIt can be so easy to see these setbacks as a sign that you aren’t good enough, or that things aren’t working. As a sign that you should just give up.

But take a moment to zoom out. Can’t you see that the trend is still going upward?

All businesses require a healthy amount of self-analysis and reflection. How else can you know what’s working and what isn’t? However, there is a fine line between self-reflection and self-denigration.

The natural flow of ups and downs in business aren’t “steps backward”. They’re just steps.

Take an objective look at what the evidence is actually telling you. Sometimes this might require you to detach yourself from your business for a moment. You might need some help in doing this.

One example I come across A LOT is people being afraid of money, talking about money and managing money in their business. That’s a whole other post in itself, but it is crucial that you have a good hold on what goes into and comes out of your business each month.

When you gather the evidence, only good things can happen.

I know you feel scared about what the evidence might say.

It might confirm your worst fears that you SHOULD just give up.

Just kidding. Here’s what actually happens:

  1.  The evidence will actually say that things are better than you thought they were, OR
  2. You have the facts you need in order to move forward.

So next time you feel like you’re always in the tango of “two steps forward, three steps back”, it’s time to reframe your thinking. A setback is not failure. It is a natural sign of progress.

What evidence do you need to keep moving forward, despite the setbacks?

Here’s to your success,

P.S. Are you struggling to gather the evidence you need and create a plan for moving forward? This is what I help clinicians nail in their private practice. Want to know more? Click here to book a free 30 minute consult with me.

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