Are you ever left with the feeling that you’re not really in charge of your business, your work and your life?

Who’s really calling the shots here?

Maybe you feel like you’re constantly playing catch up, or avoiding facing-up to the tough stuff that comes with running your own practice – like getting your head wrapped around your finances and spending.

Is money calling all the shots for you?

I’ve written before about how your money attitudes can and will affect your bottom line. But money impacts us in so many more ways.

How we feel about money, how we handle it, and how we respond to it can either make you chained or set you free.

Having confidence in your ability to manage money, hurdles and tight cash flow will either turn you into a nervous wreck or a self-assured, sustainable business owner.

So when it comes to money, your practice and you – who has the influence?

When the money (or lack of money) says “jump” – do you say “how high?”

If your answer is yes, you’re not alone!

I have lived that life and there are times when feelings of scarcity still trickle back into my life and business.

Maybe, you’re confusing more money with more freedom and flexibility. This isn’t always true.

Maybe, your anxiety is a coming from a place of just not knowing what to do with money, how to handle it responsibly and how to deal with hurdles.


To pull yourself out of money despair, you need these two things:

1. Know yourself, know your triggers and the barriers you put up around effective money management.

2. Learn how to manage yourself better and grow the skills you need to better manage your money.

Isn’t it funny how freedom always starts with getting to know yourself better?
I keep saying it, but not a single strategy, tool or tactic under the sun is going to work for you until you get out of your own way.

Here are some awesome examples of what happened when I asked my community to consider what money means to them:
“Having “enough” money is the key to freedom…. Having “enough” to pay our bills without worry… Working because we enjoy it and we are contributing to society, rather than because the mortgage payment is coming due.  That is the key “freedom”. “

“I don’t necessarily think more money is the big deal, but without more money there will never be a retirement day for me.”

“I have found that for me, when I have the money I want to live the life I want, I don’t have any time to enjoy that life because I am working so hard to maintain it. For me, not having to worry about money (and honestly, handling what I have better) does equal some freedom. And I am nowhere near there at this time.”

“Not necessarily money but steady income that is diversified. So if I am sick one day it isn’t stressful to lose pay for a day. Being able to vacation and take time off definitely provides comfort but I think freedom is provided when you’re doing what you are meant to do and being well compensated for it.”

Money means different things to all of us. So what does money give you?

How does it control you?

And how would you like things to be different?

If you’re ready to work on this, you know what to do. Click here to connect with me.

Here’s to your success,

– Jo


Jo Muirhead is a Rehabilitation Counsellor with over 20 years of experience in vocational rehabilitation. Jo is a mentor to allied health professionals who are ready to make freedom, flexibility and fulfilment happen in 2016. Click here to download the free guide: How to Find Freedom in Your Private Practice. 

Jo is the creator of the Book of Evidence.

Feature image by Tax Credits.

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