It’s all about Meditation.  I am serious.  I kinda wish I wasn’t serious about the powerful effects of meditation because you see I only started to learn how to mediate to prove everyone who was going on and on and on about how awesome it was – wrong

I was wrong.  I don’t like being wrong, but it is known to happen.

During the beginning of 2015, 3 people who I trusted and looked up to all started talking to me  at the same time) about the benefits they were getting from Meditation. One is the beautiful Christina Guidotti ; then there was the Incredible Nicole Moras and the third  was the powerful Bianca Aiono

Now these are all women I trust, and they were all speaking of their own personal experience with meditation.  So, I’ve been learning how to meditate and I find it hard!

I have used a Great APP called Headspace and I’ve previously  blogged about how this really helped me to understand the practice of mindfulness. I have since moved onto this amazing piece Biofeedback wearable technology called a MUSE.  I LOVE my MUSE and it has made the learning of the practice of mediation easy and fun! I simply now have competition with myself to be “calmer” and then compete with my husband to be “calmer” than him and no doubt will compete with Nicola to see who can be the calmest!

I know a lot of people have been asking me on Facebook and Instagram what on earth is the Muse, so I’ve created this short video for you to see what it is, and how it works

If you are keen I can get one for you – its easy. – all you need to do is email me at and I can send you all the details and get it organised and sent to you.

So why would I even bother, what’s going to be so great about learning the practice of meditation?  This article will help you to understand why I keep going

Incase you don’t want to read the article, then these are the reasons why we should be learning to meditate and then practicing meditation: 

  • Better focus
  • Less anxiety
  • More creativity
  • More compassion
  • Better memory
  • Less stress
  • More grey matter = more positive emotions

What would this mean for YOUR private practice and for your health and wellness generally?????

So, go meditate people – go learn how.  Its not that difficult. If I can learn so can you – and  keep an eye out of my Muse Posts. In time I will be creating the Muse user’s community where we can share and learn about this amazing tool and spur each other on – after all a little healthy competition doesn’t hurt 🙂

Want the details on how to get your very own MUSE? – well simple email me at and I can send you all the details

Here’s to your success






PS – OH and if  you are ready to work out how  to build a private practice that supports you, provides for you and cares for you – yes cares for you????  I would love to talk to you and help you to take control of your value and your worth. All you need to do is click here and book in for a FREE consult with me.

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