There is this wonderful moment when we as clinicians in private practice realize that we can do more of the work we love the way we love to do it. This realization; this moment when we realize that it is actually possible and it’s not just wishful thinking.

This realization is met with a sense of peace, calm and incredible wellbeing.

You see when we do the work we love the way we love to do it, we are left  to impart our knowledge and skills, to be creative and to truly serve those we are best able to serve.

Doing the work you love the way you love to do it is the antidote to burn out.  It’s the antidote to frustration, isolation, and playing small.

It’s like applying Aloe Vera to sunburn. Its soothing.

The result…. more of the work you love; more of it.

What I have observed time and again is this; when Clinicians do the work they love, the way the love to do it their private practice doubles.  YES doubles.  That’s what happened to me, and that is what happens to my practice building mentoring clients.

Take this moment to reflect.  What would you be doing, if you were doing more of the work you love the way you loved to do it? What would that actually look like?




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