Hey Fabulous Health Professionals,

I had the pleasure of going to a LBDG dinner last week. These are always powerful experiences for me, and I always leave feeling inspired, encouraged and heard!

Janine Garner, who hosts and facilitates the night, asked a great question

What apps are people using to help them with their productivity and getting stuff done?

Now we pretty quickly came up with a list of 31 apps, complete with a discussion around what’s good, what’s not so good and what to stay away from.

What I thought was really really interesting however was when we were first asked this question, many of us said:

“I unsubscribe”

(there are apps that will do that for you and they were at the top of the list).

There was general consensus that we have too much “noise” on our smart phones and that this noise, which we cling to for fear of missing out or not knowing enough doesn’t actually serve us. It just distracts us from the big and meaningful stuff that we need to space to work on. Without the noise.

Many successful women are taking email off their smart phone so they can focus on what needs to to be done, when it needs to be done.

So as you take your message to market, are you being conscious of how you can not be another voice of distraction?

To not be another loud and obnoxious subject line that gets scrolled over or ignored?

Or… are you ready to connect with what the person on the other end of that email address actually wants and needs and yearns for in their life?

I personally HATE push notifications. I am a normal Type A person who is committed to her overachieving-ness – I don’t need any more pushing let me tell you!

I thought this was pretty remarkable – especially with so many people wanting to create an app, or build a database using email; or invest in learning how to do content marketing… basically what we are saying is that we are over saturated with noise. So if this is how we are feeling, how are our potential customers feeling?

It makes me wonder what everyone is trying to achieve as they delight in yet another person handing over their email and consenting to be contacted.

What will you do with that person’s email? Have you thought that through or are you just chasing another sign up…. for what? 

Will you add to the noise or add value to their lives?

Call me opinionated – but I think this level of technology interaction is going to take a bit of a back seat – and those who invest in learning powerful communication skills, those who will work to build connection and create engagement are the people who will be left standing.

Let’s bring back real conversations between real people and say NO to the noise!

If you’re ready to connect with your clients on a whole new level, to have real conversations and connect your services to your people’s real needs, click here to connect with me.


Here’s to your success,




Jo Muirhead is an award-winning speaker and business mentor for the health and wellness industry. She is a 20-year veteran of the health industry with two successful businesses. Jo’s clients have gone on to double their income and finally build a practice that fuels the lifestyle they’ve dreamed of. She has been featured in VR Horizons, PsychCentral, Gloss Magazineand Zynnyme, and interviewed by Joe Sanok, Stuart Fensterheim and Scott Harmon.