Have you ever considered yourself just crazy?

Have you ever considered yourself just crazy – like why on earth am I working so hard?

Where that little voice says to you ” just go get a job and let it be someone else’s problem”?

C’mon everyone feels like this at one point or another – however the grass is not always greener now is it?

You want to know the answer? I mean really know the answer?

It’s not motivation; it’s not purpose; it’s not systems; it’s not having the right people; it’s not another qualification; it’s not a bigger dream board; or a new logo.

It’s Discipline. You make the decision and you work towards completing the goal!

It’s not EASY – it’s discipline.

It’s not FUN – it’s discipline.

When you want something enough you will do what it takes to get there.

I know – I have done it. It wasn’t easy, nor fun. In fact it took me 3 years longer than I expected. What kept me going – DISCIPLINE. Just doing the work that had to be done to get me to where I wanted to go.

Now the “trick” is to learn what you need to be disciplined on, and HOW you best exercise discipline

Here’s to your success.


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Ta Jo

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