Belief #5 :From 9 beliefs of remarkably successful people

Failure is something I accomplish; it doesn’t  just happen to me

 Who likes to fail?  Not me.  Who is a little bit scared of failing?  It’s a BIG F word isn’t it? 🙂 

Occasionally something completely outside your control will cause you to fail.  Most of the time though its you.  And that’s OK.  Every successful person has failed.  Numerous times.  Most of them have failed a lot  more often than you.  That’s why they are successful now.

Embrace every failure.  Own it.  Learn from it and take responsibility for making sure that next time, things will turn out differently.

Ok I will be honest, I struggle with this one.  Who will stand with me in their commitment to use failure as an opportunity to learn?

Here’s to your success.

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Ta Jo

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