Do you wish for peace, tranquility, nice neat lines where everything in your business lines up exactly the way you think it should EVERY day?????

If this is you, then STOP IT – you cannot afford to think like this anymore. This type of thinking is costing you money – because you are stopping your business from growing.

I have had too many conversations in the past fortnight where people threaten to leave their businesses because they crave a sense of order in the midst of chaos. AGGGGGRRRHHHH this is when things are just about to change and get really really good!

So rather than have more of these conversations with people who think they are at breaking point, I thought I would save you from the fear of chaos. Building your business will be chaotic! NOTHING will happen in a linear fashion and yes you will feel like you have many balls in the air all at the same time. This is actually helping you grow your capacity as a business owner. IT IS HELPING YOU!! If you need all of the bits and pieces lined up in a neat row before you do anything, then you are too focused on the details and NOT focused on the strategy.

YES a plan is important – knowing where you are headed and what you are working towards is NOT the same as being interrupted by the minute of details.

Details are important – actually, no I’m wrong. SOME details are important. We have too many details that we give TOO much importance too. They cannot be the FOCUS of everything we do.

Say YES, take action, then work out what needs to be done to support that action.

How you make decisions to grow your business successfully will not be the same as how you make a clinical decision.

AND yes, people will tell you, you are wrong – they are the people without successful practices or businesses – just sayin’.

Here’s to your success.


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Ta Jo

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