This week’s blog is another video interview – this time, with the remarkable Uriah Guilford from Guilford Family Counselling.

In our interview, Uriah and I talk about how establishing his unique criteria for success in private practice has helped him grow: not only as a business owner, but also as a man, father, husband and all-round awesome dude!

We also speak about…

  • Is success in private practice contagious?
  • What it was like to acknowledge that while he wanted to achieve more, the biggest barrier to growth in his practice might have been him
  • Uriah’s experience of working with several business coaches and whether it’s been worth the investment
  • His number one piece of advice for private practice owners

What I loved about this interview is that Uriah agreed to do it! He was actually vulnerable enough with me to express that he found this kind of thing quite difficult to do (which surprised me, because if you watch our interview, you’ll see he’s a total natural). And I think you’ll agree that the insight he has to share is pretty amazing.

One thing that struck me as I spoke to Uriah is how easy it is to say we’re pursuing success, when in reality we haven’t spent the time or energy required to work out what this thing called success really is, and what it means to us.

So grab a coffee (this video is 27 minutes long, so maybe grab a double shot) and join us! I love learning from the experience of others who are rocking their private practice – so here’s to learning from Uriah.

Just click on the image below to watch the video (bring your coffee and spend a fun and productive 30 minutes with us!) – or click here to download an audio file you can listen to instead.

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You say you’re pursuing success – but what does that really mean?

“They” say that growing a business is the biggest self-development journey you will ever go on.

I didn’t want to believe that for the first 12 months of my practice. In fact, I was going to prove “them” wrong and was going to show “them” you could grow a successful practice without all of the personal development woo-woo mindset stuff.

It’s not fluffy, and it’s not woo-woo – its real and its necessary!

If you aren’t getting the results that you want…. then you need to review where you’re directing your attention, thinking, focus and energy.

Maybe this sounds a bit like you…

You find yourself asking questions like:

  • Should I grow a team?
  • Show I try to build some passive income? Or create another income stream?
  • How do I do all of this without giving up too much free time, or sacrificing my income?
  • How can I take a holiday when I feel like my business will fall apart if I’m not here?
  • Is this all there is to private practice?

HELL NO – more is possible for you, and we can change what’s going on for you right now. If you’re willing to implement and do the work, you’d be surprised by how quickly we can bring those changes into effect.

Consider this your official invitation to the Success Mindset Masterclass: a live event created to help private practice owners swap burnout and overwhelm for flexibility, freedom and fulfillment.

Why this event will change your practice:

I’ve been when you are before – and mastering myself is what finally allowed me to get unstuck and create a life where my practice serves me, my team and my clients better than ever before.

The truth is that it took me a long time to get to this place – longer than it needed to, because I was so resistant to the idea that I didn’t need more tactics or advice or “hacks” – I just needed to learn how to manage myself, get real about how I was getting in my own way, and take action towards bringing my definition of success to life (once I got clear about what success really looked like for me).

Learning and information gathering isn’t enough. You are going to have to make a bold decision, start doing things differently, and you’re going to have to start filtering out all of the noise. Let me take you through a process to un-clutter all that stuff in your head, release that stuff that’s getting in the way, and help you gain the clarity you are craving .

Yes, this is mindset work.

But it’s practical.

Applied and specific to your needs and your business.

There’s no fluff.

There’s no chanting. I promise we won’t sing kumbaya.

Just helping you build the practice you really want.

Learn everything you need to know about the masterclass here.

Here’s to your success,


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