Hey Fabulous Clinicians,

This week’s blog is another video – just for you.

You see, I want to make sure you really understand how easy it is for us to SAY we are pursuing success, when in reality, many of us haven’t spent time or energy actually working out what this thing called success really is.

I want you to understand how being focused on someone else’s success is leading to burnout.

I want you to see that success not defined isn’t helping you, it’s hurting you!

I want you to see that when you take some time to explore what success looks like for you –  then you can start to build a mindset for success.

Let go of comparison-itis, shame and guilt – you have what it takes to build your successful practice – we just need to uncover what that is.

In this video I get real and a bit raw with what it’s taken for me to build my own definition for success, and how it has very little to do with revenue, income and the numbers in my business.

So grab a coffee — this video is 13 minutes long — so grab a double shot, because you will be challenged by what I’m about to share with you!

What’s your definition of success? 

If we were to go to the dictionary and look it up… what would it say for you?

If you loved what I’ve shared with you today and want to know more, then you will want to check out the 2017 Success Mindset Masterclass in San Francisco.

Jo Muirhead presents... (2)

Yep, shameless plug, but I know how life changing  getting this stuff sorted will be!

Go forth and live successfully…


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