Think of all the reasons why you don’t have time to work on your practice right now – are there many? 10… 20… 30?

Maybe you feel like…..

  • I’m too busy with the clients I already have that I don’t have the time to get new ones
  • I’ve got too much administrative stuff to do – emails, invoices, chasing payment, case management and notes to catch up on
  • I have some very important phone calls to make right now, thank you very much
  • I can’t network right now – I don’t know what to say, I can’t find an outfit I like, and anyway I’m not successful enough yet. I’ll wait until I have something to offer before I go to a networking event or reach out to someone
  • Marketing is for egotists, extroverts and people who are really, really impressive – and that’s not me.

…and that’s just for starters.

The thing is, we’re really, really good at finding reasons to not do the things we know we’re supposed to do if we want our practice to grow.

And when it comes to getting referrals, like we discussed last week – you are actually a relationship-building and networking ninja, and you don’t even know it yet.

See, you tell yourself that sales and marketing are for people who aren’t like you.

But you already have a rare skill… and it’s the most effective way to market genuinely and sincerely. It’s the quickest way to grow your business and get new referrals and clients.

So what is that skill?…

The capacity to build relationships and develop rapport. Your ability to care about others and develop empathy. To help people get their needs met through your expertise.

All of that stuff? That’s where truly effective marketing is born.

So I want to challenge you today around your beliefs about what it means to reach out to someone, start networking and finding referral sources.

You already have the most important skill you need.

You just need to learn how to channel it with a system for reaching out to people – which, in my experience, is the fastest way to get new clients and referrals.

Offline networking with the skills you already have will grow your business – fast.

All you need is two more things:

  1. A system you can follow, with specific, one-to-one advice and guidance for reaching out to the right people, developing real relationships and nurturing them into long-term partnerships that will get you new clients
  2. The accountability and support you need to get actually get out there and do the work. Even if you already know that you need to network and build relationships – have you been doing it consistently?

That’s why I’m excited to introduce to you:

Keeping it Fresh

My 5 Favourite People is a 12 week program with a combination of group support, live coaching calls and all the scripts, templates, worksheets and checklists you need to get referrals fast.

You’ll develop the confidence, support and accountability you need to bring new clients into your practice… with the same approach I’ve used to grow my $600K+ per year practice with a team of 7 consultants.

Just like you, I used to tell myself that I was too introverted – that I didn’t know how to market – that maybe I didn’t have anything valuable to offer – and even if I did, how the hell was I supposed to say it?

But I learned. My business grew so quickly that I had to hire a team to manage all the new referrals coming in. And now, you can learn how I did it.

I’ve distilled my 10 years of experience as a successful private practice owner into a replicable system that you can follow to grow your practice just like I have. And you don’t have to sell your soul to the devil and become a health professional dressed up as a used-car salesman, either.

This is the training you’ve been searching for:

Stop trying to figure it out on your own.

Stop feeling paralysed by the mere thought of putting yourself out there.

Stop using the bag of tactics you’ve learned from 30 different blogs and marketing gurus.

Learn the system, do the work, and the results are inevitable.

We start next week (November 16), and spots are limited to 10 people.

Click here to learn more about the program and claim your spot now.

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