Today is an exciting day …

Today my business is taking a giant leap forward. I have been humbled over the past couple of years to see my Business of 1 clients grow, and grow …. And grow! Not only this but they have continued to seek coaching with me, and we are always setting bigger and better goals to be achieved.

It has however recently dawned on me that I, and many of my clients, (and even more once I’m done with them!), are no longer a business of 1. They have learnt how to effectively grow their business, and no longer burden themselves with 100% of the work. As such, it is time that my business too make way for these changes and as such I am moving away from the name ‘Business of 1’.

I have decided to move over to, where you are now and this will be the home of the new chapter in my business. Rest assured that my mentoring and coaching services are not changing, nor are the programs I have in the pipeline for this year.  This is essentially a branding exercise to bring me more in-line with all you wonderful people and your big aspirations in business 🙂

I also want to take this opportunity to mention that this coming June I will be taking in a new round of entrepreneurial health professionals to my newest program ‘Accelerate Your Practice’. This fantastic 8 week program is for Health and Wellness professionals who want to see results now! It will be intensive and jam packed full of information but it will transform both your life and your business. If you want to hear more about this program or any of the services I offer I welcome you to apply for a free 30 minute consult, during which time I can get an idea of where your business is currently at, what your goals are and show you which of my offerings I think will best suit your needs.

Big thank you to everyone who continues to support me in my mission to help health and wellness professionals own a business they love by doing the work they love the way they love to do it.

Here’s to your success,


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