Hey Fabulous Clinicians,

I’ve been asked to write about what it means to be an older clinician looking at private practice. It’s a common issue, but what I want to explore today is how feeling “too old” is an excuse that will stop you from doing the work you love. Being an older clinician means it is the perfect time to start doing the work you love, the way you love to do it.

Do you feel that you’re too old to go private; that the chance has passed you by?

Are you suddenly intimidated by the younger voices you hear around the office?

Are you secretly scared that people will think you are out of touch? Stuck in your ways?

And do you wonder what value you can bring?

Please, stop. First of all, stop comparing yourself. If you think that you can’t have the same business, career, or lifestyle as a person in their twenties, then you’re absolutely right.

Their life IS NOT the right life for you. They don’t have the same priorities as you. Why are you trying to build your practice or your career on someone else’s values?

The fabulous thing about being an experienced clinician is that you’ve done enough to know your boundaries and what matters to you. You already know what kind of work you love doing. You already know how you are best placed to help make people’s lives better.

When you know yourself, your value, and your worth, you will always be able to build the practice that you were meant to have.

And if you need a reminder of your worth – read this:

Do you remember being the younger person in the company? Do you remember what it was like to be around the experienced clinicians; the ones who just got it? It was intimidating, wasn’t it? Did you have a mentor who showed you the kind of incredible work you are capable of? You now have the potential to be that for someone else. And you probably have younger colleagues, right now, who are too afraid to ask but want to learn from you. Your experience matters.

Here’s to your success,


P.S. This message lies at the core of my Accelerate Your Practice program. And it’s exactly what I help people figure out. Want to know more? Click here to book in a free consult.

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