I wanted to make sure that you knew of the videos I’ve been posting over on Facebook where I talk about the day-in-the-life-of-me as a clinician and private practice owner.

To be honest this video series started off as me having a good old-fashioned rant at Australia’s favourite Teclo to Hate: TELSTRA.  What I wanted to let people know was that sometimes there is horrible, annoying and frustrating stuff that happens when we are building our practices, and that it’s not always rainbows and purple unicorns.

I sometimes wish it was all rainbows and purple unicorns.

My issue with Telstra took more than 3 months to get something called resolution, and this vlog was a chronicle of this journey.  Then people started asking me questions, commenting and generally letting me know that these videos were incredibly helpful to them.  So, I’ve kept them going.  They aren’t always inspiring, they aren’t long, and sometimes they are downright funny.

It isn’t a words of wisdom show.  There aren’t interviews with other experts.  It’s just me talking about what’s happened today, and what did that make me think about.

Oh, and then there is some singing – yes singing… I sing and publish it on the itnerwebs and some days that makes me feel a tad ill to know I’ve done that.

I wanted to let you know these videos existed so you could have an almost daily dose of Jo.   Something a bit light, or a bit intense, something a bit fun, and sometimes quite serious.  There is silly – especially when I am tired, and yes you get to see this too.

There is no fancy into or outro.  There are some very cute stills that my nieces and nephews have created just for this series because they too really enjoy them.  (Massive thank you to the Latu family xxx)

Now that you know these videos exist, I know you are dying to know where can you go and find them!

Find them here

Looking forward to sharing with you some more.

Here’s to your success!

Jo xx

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