I was compelled to put this blog together.  You see during my first week back at work this year I had two people reach out to me explaining that they had experienced unexpected deaths in their lives and they were concerned about the impact this might have on their private practice.

Death.  Not a sexy topic, I know – but it is important.

I’ve spoken openly about the impact of the unexpected death of my mum some 9 years ago, and as we all know death is a significant event in our lives and the lives of the people around us.

I asked Jill Johnson-Young #grieftalker to create a video for us so that we could hear from someone who knows about dying, death and grief – who is ALSO a successful private practice owner – to share with us some simple and straightforward things we can do to help us be kind to ourselves and serve our clients with excellence.

This is a 6 minute video.  It is compassionate and full of what to dos and how you might react and feel.  This is an excellent resource for those of us who have teams – feel free to share this around!

Like Jill explains, if you are feeling extra sad, or if the impact of a death is effecting you in ways that were unexpected, PLEASE reach out for help.

With love and compassion

Jo x


Who is Jill Johnson Young

Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW, is the co-founder of Central Counselling Services in Riverside, the creator of Your Path Through Grief, a yearlong grief support program, and the author of “Your Own Path Through Grief: A workbook for your journey to recovery” and “Don’t Grieve Like That!  Reflections from a rebellious widow.”



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