Have you ever hit a glass ceiling in your life? A roadblock that you just can’t seem to figure out?

They sneak up on you, don’t they?

Maybe you’ve been able to rely on hard work getting you where you need to be up until now.

You’ve hustled your way to where you are – those long hours, tireless research, and big investments of your time, energy and money will get you places… to a point.

That point is your glass ceiling. And in 2015, after 6 years of being in private practice, I hit mine.

Up until then, my practice had been growing year on year. Hard work got me there. Increasing my expertise got me there. Putting my heart and soul into my business had carried me through. By year four, my practice was turning over $360 K annually.

And yet, slowly but surely… the return on my efforts began to diminish. I couldn’t hustle my way out of this.

Hard work had stopped working for me.

Like me, you are going to reach a point in your practice (if you haven’t already) where hard work just doesn’t cut it anymore.

And at this point, you are going to be desperate to figure out what’s causing it. Is it my marketing? Should I redo my website? Do I need to change direction, offer a new service or create a new income stream?


Nope, nope. nope. Nope!

Your glass ceiling is personal. YOU are your glass ceiling.

When I hit my glass ceiling last year, a coach called me out on something I just couldn’t see.

The truth was that something in me had to change…

My belief that I was the ONLY person who could do it the RIGHT way!

You see I am a control freak. Someone called me out on this in 2015 and I nearly fell off my chair – I had no idea I was a control freak.  I am hearing many of you who know me laughing right now…. saying really Jo, I could have told you that. But hey – we all know we can’t coach ourselves, right?

So I’m here to tell you this today:

When you’re struggling in your practice, spinning your wheels, feeling stuck, it seems natural to turn outward and diagnose something external as the cause.

But you might have heard the saying before: most business problems are personal problems in disguise.

And that glass ceiling that you’ve hit, the one that is holding you back from growing how you want to grow, living the lifestyle you want – it’s a personal one.

For me, it’s control. For you, it might be procrastination, perfectionism, chronic busyness, lack of organisation, poor self care overcommitting yourself…

And it all comes down to figuring out how you can get out of your own way. Because I’m guessing that beating yourself up and promising to be better hasn’t been working for you, has it?

So, Fabulous health professional… I want you to join me in San Francisco in October.

We’ll be smashing glass ceilings left right and center, helping you define success on your terms and creating a plan to see yourself through the bumpy periods in your practice.

Everything you need to know about the San Francisco masterclass is here.


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