Hands up who like me is absolutely terrible at affirming themselves? After all, we’re not supposed to pat ourselves on the back and tell everyone that we’re good at something. But if we, as entrepreneurs, don’t tell ourselves that we are good at something, then who on earth is going to do it?

And if we don’t affirm ourselves, then we just end up pushing and pushing and pushing ourselves forward at such a frenetic pace that we forget how far we’ve come. Take a look at the clip within the video above and understand where I’m coming from when I say that we need to reset our business to move forward very much like a rugby game needs to set a scrum to reset the game.

So, the method of moving forward is:

Pause – take a moment; be still.

Reflect – ‘hey, what have I done this week that’s pretty darn awesome?’

Affirm – ‘Ah, I know what I did. That is so cool’.

Celebrate – yaaaayy.

Be your own cheer squad – come on. I encourage you this week – set your own scrum and move your business forward. 

To your success, Jo.


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