How a mindset for success plays out in everyday life.

This is the final interview in the series Cultivating a Mindset for Success.

In this video, Frances J Harvey of My Solutions Services, shares with us how her mindset has changed AND how this mindset change has resulted in practical, observable changes to her business and her life.

This is a 45-minute conversation with a woman who is just inspiring.  Frances may not be a clinician but she knows clinicians.  She has managed us, worked with us, worked for us, helped us, consoled us, gotten frustrated with us.  Frances can actually see into our clinical practice and our business practice and almost has a 6th sense in putting her finger on what is really going on (it can be a bit confronting when you are speaking to her to be honest).

This interview isn’t full of how to’s and what to do. This video is full of what Frances did to change, and what this mindset change meant for her business, her life and the influence she has the world.  And yes, she impacts the world.

Here it is on YouTube

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Would love to know your take away’s and ah-ha moments from this conversation. Please feel free to make a comment in the comments section below

Go be your fabulous self.

Jo xxx

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