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Hello Business of 1-ers, its great to be a part of this community. Now I have a confession. I have been self employed in my own business since 2009, and it has grown and morphed into something wonderfully exciting, at times overwhelming but overall thrilling.  However I am not Online savvy.  No really, I am not. I am a glorious work in progress.

My “journey” with websites is interesting, basically  I tried to do it myself – didn’t like that.  Paid a lot of money for someone to write one for me; then 12 months later paid someone else to re write it.  Online moves fast ! REAL FAST

I have a 2 Fan Pages and 2 Private Groups for my mentoring clients on Face Book and a LinkedIn profile.  I Tweet almost everyday; but it no way would I consider myself Online  savvy.

However, I am passionate about my business, about my clients, about my customers; about making a difference in the lives of  others; about sharing the good, the bad and laughing at the really awful ( just make sure you are laughing with me and not at me – that I won’t cope with laughing at me too well)

My business has grown because people connect to my passion and enthusiasm.  It is contagious.  I know that, and I love that my energy for life can create something new and inspiring for others.

So, if you are not Online savvy, phew I am glad you are here, because neither am I.  But I am confident that we all have something to contribute, and can all learn from each other.

The Online era is here and its here to stay.  Although it’s interesting to note that with all of the social media; online presence and services to support the same; old fashioned meeting, greeting and getting to know you works really well. I am NOT saying don’t have an online presence.  Gosh the marketing research tells us that if we don’t have it our businesses are not likely to succeed.  But I am pausing to reflect on how I want my online presence to be a tool for communication.  Yes a Tool; a part of an entire tool kit.

I don’t want to be slave to my online presence. Actually I don’t want to be a slave to anything to do with my business.  That’s why I stopped being an employee.

I am aware of many successful businesses that use nothing but online presence to create great value, and make incredible amounts of money while serving their community.  But that is not the businesses I have created with Purple Co and Business of 1.

People use my online presence to find out a bit about me, about the Company and the services. However they have usually been referred from someone who has worked with me previously. That referral network itself qualifies all my leads, so much so that my leads are now 90% sales when they arrive.

However my online presence has provided me with the opportunity to work internationally, something I hadn’t really considered before the opportunity arrived.

It is the interaction of both my online presence and offline presence that allows my business to grow and to maintain its momentum.  It’s taken me a while to get here, but I accept and respect that I need both for my business.  And you dear reader , what is your experience, what makes sense for you and your business? Make comment below I would love to know your thoughts and questions.  I will respond by the way.  I am committed to the idea of sharing knowledge and expertise.

Here’s to your success – Jo | Jo Muirhead – Facebook | Tweet it

Print it. Post it. Share it. Credit it.

Ta Jo

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