Time for some raw honesty from Jo.

As you all know I planned really well for the weeks leave that I took 4 weeks ago – that’s right people I have been back for a month.

The month leading up to this leave was really intense with a lot of assessments and projects to be completed.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well you plan, things will often occur that will feel like a set back and be so incredibly frustrating that you want to curl up in a ball and exclaim in loud wailing sobs – WHY ME !!!!!

I did everything “right” so why is this happening to me

WHY ME (2)


I arrived back into Australia from Hawaii Monday 3 December (I thought we came back on Sunday, stupid international date line) so that had created a few “issues” with my scheduling. That was easy to fix – thank you awesome Louise, Fixer of Jo’s schedule.

What was totally unexpected was a 4 day migraine from hell, 3 days in bed and an acute episode of back pain that left me in bed and staying there. For those of you who don’t know, I am living with a back and hip problem that despite rehab doesn’t want to go away. And yes I am aware of the irony of me being a Rehabilitation Counsellor who needs rehab. That’s not this story (for that story you may want to watch my Rehab Strikes Back Videos).
Then my PC (and no I won’t change to mac) decided it didn’t want to work for me. AND then my computer Techie people told me it can’t be fixed and I need a new one; and then I asked them to supply……. and then………….. let’s just not go there.

Not to mention my printer, which is also my scanner, has also decided to NOT work and stay not working and the really unhelpful people at Samsung remain unhelpful.

So now with a month’s reflect I am no longer a puddle on the floor and I can say that the first week after that holiday just sucked! That is NOT how I had planned to come back to work and to the business after such a relaxing and replenishing week off.

I am so grateful for my pre holiday planning however. As hard as it was for me to “not work” when I was in bed with a migraine come back pain, it was no where as difficult as it would have been if I had deadlines for reports or back to back client appointments. I actually had the room to be sick, be in pain, and to recover.

It means that although I feel like I am “behind” this month, I’m actually not really – I’m just needing to readjust myself – AGAIN – to manage this acute exacerbation; and factor in some more “rehab me” time.

This stuff we call life happens. Pick yourself up, regroup and move forward. This is what is takes to be resilient – and if you want a successful, sustainable and profitable private practice then you have to practice resilience. That’s what we do, and who we are! xxx Jo

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Here’s to your success.





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