Create a steady flow of referrals into your practice


Even if you don’t know anyone in your area… you don’t who to reach out to or what to say… the idea of talking about yourself makes you break out in a cold sweat… and you’re terrified of seeming like a sleazy time-sucker with nothing to offer…


If you’ve been in private practice for more than 2 minutes, you already know that nobody can find you if they don’t know you exist. 

But how do you get yourself heard about so that new clients and referral sources can find you? 

You’re inundated with 100s of different ways to market your practice:

Blog this. Tweet that. Hire an SEO Guru. Have you tried Facebook Ads? You should try video. Why aren’t you podcasting yet? 

Are you exhausted? I’m exhausted. 

And if you’ve tried any of strategies above, you know that it takes a long, long time to build a meaningful presence online. You can’t post your first blog today and expect a new client tomorrow. 

You need new clients – and you need them fast.

So what do you do? 

You are your practice’s best marketing weapon – you just don’t know it yet.

As a clinician, you build relationships with your clients, day in, day out. 

You already know how to connect with people. You already know how to build rapport and make genuine connections.

The ability to form connections with others is the foundation of good marketing. You, my fabulous clinician… are a born marketer. Even though you cringe at the idea of talking about yourself. Even though the idea of putting yourself out there gives you sweaty armpits and a quick pulse. 

You’re already working so hard – it’s time to get focused, follow a proven system and start seeing results.

You just need to learn how to channel the rare skill that you already have into a marketing and networking strategy that works…. 

You are your practice’s best marketing weapon – you just don’t know it yet.

As a clinician, you build relationships with your clients, day in, day out. 

You already know how to connect with people. You already know how to build rapport and make genuine connections.

The ability to form connections with others is the foundation of good marketing. You, my fabulous clinician… are a born marketer. Even though you cringe at the idea of talking about yourself. Even though the idea of putting yourself out there gives you sweaty armpits and a quick pulse. 

You’re already working so hard – it’s time to get focused, follow a proven system and start seeing results.

You just need to learn how to channel the rare skill that you already have into a marketing and networking strategy that works…. 

The fastest path to a steady stream of clients comes from building  connections with referral sources in your local area.

Imagine no longer laying awake at night, wondering where the next client or referral will come from…

Because you have the skills, the system and the assurance that if you need more clients, you know how to handle it. 

Even if your practice is full now, quiet periods are inevitable. Avoid the stress by laying the groundwork now so that if business does get a little a quiet, you’ll know who to talk to and exactly what to say to bring in new clients.

And you’ll do it all with a system that is built around creating real, genuine and mutually-beneficial relationships with people in your local area. 

When I heard that Jo was opening the doors to My 5 Favourite People, I joined without hesitation.

Jo teaches you a system for finding contacts in your area and building relationships that help you get referrals into your practice. Her feedback on the live calls was always amazing – she has the best solutions that always make so much sense. The small group community was engaged and supportive, and Jo will help you identify exactly what steps you need to take so your can build your practice and create a professional referral community. If you want personalized feedback and support for getting more clients and building a network, this is the program for you.

  Dr. Maelisa Hall

Psy.D, QA Prep, Hall Counseling Group

My 5 Favourite People will give you the confidence, support and accountability you need to bring new clients into your practice… with the same approach I’ve used to grow my $600K+ per year practice with a team of 7 consultants. 

For the first time ever, you’ll have access to the specific strategies I share with my private practice mentoring clients – who normally pay me $2500 a month to help them grow their practice – at a significantly reduced price.

Something you may not know about me: for the first 4 years, I grew my practice entirely offline.

I didn’t have a website. I didn’t use social media. I didn’t even know that email marketing was a thing. All of my referrals came from the connections I built through a lot of trial and error. 

Just like you, I told myself that I was too introverted – that I didn’t know how to market – that maybe I didn’t have anything valuable to offer – and even if I did, how the hell was I supposed to say it? 

But I learned. My business grew so quickly that I had to hire a team to manage all the new referrals coming in. And now, you can learn how I did it. 

I’ve distilled my 10 years of experience as a successful private practice owner into a replicable system that you can follow to grow your practice just like I have. And you don’t have to sell your soul to the devil and become a health professional dressed up as a used-car salesman, either. 

This is the training you’ve been searching for:

Stop trying to figure it out on your own.  Stop feeling paralysed by the mere thought of putting yourself out there.  Stop using the bag of tactics you’ve learned from 30 different blogs and marketing gurus.  Learn the system, do the work, and the results are inevitable. 

Catherine received 4 new referrals in the first week of my 5 Favourite People:

“Before working with Jo, I was uncomfortable about putting myself out there. In my 5 Favourite People, I have received referrals from the contacts I have reached out to, and now I have much more confidence in doing so. This program is such an effective program to really help you go beyond your doubts or concerns in reaching out to a network of people and sharing with them about your practice.”

Catherine O'Brien

LMFT, Happy With Baby


Most people think that networking means shmoozing around at conferences and handing out your business cards to anyone with a heartbeat. Networking without a plan is a waste of your time – so we’re not gonna do that.

But the truth is: targeted networking is the fastest way for you to grow your practice. With My 5 Favourite People, you’ll learn how to connect and build long term partnerships with referral sources in your local area who are in a perfect position to refer to you.

But My 5 Favourite people is about more than me asking you, “Hey, why don’t you take someone for a coffee?”…

Because the thing is – you already know that you need to get out there and network. You just don’t have a system for doing it.
That’s why you haven’t been consistent in the past… or why you’ve been avoiding putting yourself out there all together. 
My 5 Favourite people is that system. 

You’ll be armed with the process, scripts, worksheets, progress trackers, support and accountability to learn how to network in the most rapid and effective way possible. 

You’ll strategically choose 5 people in your local area who have access to your ideal client, and over the next 12 weeks, you will be supported and guided in developing a genuine partnership with them. You’ll learn how to reach out, create a mutually-beneficial relationship, and keep that relationship going for a steady stream of referrals. 

Once you know the process, you can use it again and again. If you move to a new area in the future or need to diversify your referral sources down the line, you’ll know exactly what to do.  You’ll receive round-the-clock support from the small group of clinicians joining you inside the program – and every other week, you’ll get on a group call led by me so you can get one-to-one, tailored advice for wherever you’re feeling stuck. 

You will not be left on your own to figure this out. 

You will never be left wondering what to do next or who to reach out to… and how to say it. 

For 12 weeks, you’ll have all of the support (and the loving kick up the butt) that you need to do the work, grow your practice – and have fun doing it.  And better yet – this is a strategy that anyone can use. You can share the approach you’re about to learn with your associates, interns and team (or better yet, have them join us in the program) to create a system for getting new referrals that works for your whole practice – no matter how large. 

I now have a defined system that I can share with my team of therapists”

I’m all in on marketing, but I’m not consistent or confident in networking or public speaking. I needed help with developing a strategy for generating referrals to my group practice, and after participating in My 5 Favourite People, I now have new, creative ideas on community networking that people are responding to – plus a defined system for doing follow up that I can share with my team of therapists.

Uriah Guilford

MFT, Uriah Guilford Counselling

How much is just one new client worth to you?

Let’s imagine that you charge $150 per session. If you acquire just one new client as a result of this course (a conservative estimate, by the way), and see each client for an average of 6 sessions… that’s $900 in your pocket.

With just one new client, you’ve almost made back double the cost of your investment in this program.

Then there’s Catherine – who had four new referrals in the first week of using the strategies in 5 favourite people. Using the example figures above – that’s an extra $3,600 into your business. 


Make the no-brainer investment in growing your practice:



…and last round, we sold out!

I’ve made back more than ten times my investment in this course through new referrals and clients

I’ve received 11 new referrals as a direct result of the program – which means I’ve made back my investment in the course more than ten times over. I know we have a lot more in the pipeline too – which is the great thing about the course. It gives you the system you need to keep nurturing those relationships over a long period of time.

This is a great program for anyone who is looking for a strategy and a system for staying in touch with people who have access to your ideal client – plus the process for measuring your results so you can see what’s working, what’s not and what needs to change.

The idea of building relationships can feel abstract and overwhelming for some people: but this really is a system you can follow. Jo is the real deal and this process works.

Brad Williams

Occupational Therapist, Williams OT

Brad Williams

Occupational Therapist, Williams OT

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?
We’ll get you set up to access the private group and the training material by end of September. Our first group call is on Wednesday 4 October, 2017 (USA). That’s October 5 for the Aussies.

How is this different to all of the books and free things I can read about networking?
Most of the resources out there about networking give you blanket advice that isn’t helpful. You’ll leave this program armed with the scripts, the process and the exact steps you need to take to build real connections with real people who will be glad to have met you. Even if you already know what to do – have you done it yet? With my 5 Favourite People, you’ll have the accountability, support and individualised advice you need to take action and approach people in a way that feels good. Let’s have some fun with this!

I’m an introvert and I’m terrified of reaching out to people. Are you going to make me do things I hate?
I solemnly swear that I will never, ever ask you to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. Still, putting yourself out there can be uncomfortable no matter what, but we’ll be there to guide you and support you the whole way.

What if I can’t attend the group coaching calls live?
All of our group coaching calls are recorded. If you can’t make it live, you can watch the recording later, but for best results, I recommend attending the calls live.

Will this program show me how to market online?
No – My 5 Favourite People is exclusively tailored towards helping you get new referrals as fast as possible using a process for networking offline. Online marketing is important, but if you want results quickly, offline relationship building is the way to go – and that’s exactly what you’ll learn here.

For best results, how long should I have been in private practice for?
It doesn’t matter whether you have an established practice or just opened your practice yesterday – if you are looking to bring in new clients and grow your referrals, you will benefit from this course if you put in the work.

Is there a refund policy?
Yes. We have a generous refund policy, which you can read below…

My favourite part about My 5 Favourite People was the group atmosphere and being able to learn from each other. If you are in need of true guidance around how to reach out to people and network with purpose, this is the class for you.

Mia Quaglia

LCSW, Counseling Merced

Trust that you’re in safe hands with a money-back guarantee:

If you’re skeptical about what My 5 Favourite People can do for you, then let me help you put your worries to rest: I’m giving you 90 days to put all of this into practice. If you don’t receive a single new referral after 90 days of doing the work, participating in the group and putting my advice into action, I’ll give you a full refund – because I’m certain that this approach works if you do the work. 

Refunds will only be offered to people who actively participate in the group, complete the all of the assigned activities and attend all of the group coaching calls. 

Why? Because this approach will only work if you show up, every week, and put this stuff into practice. Refunds will only be given to people who show that they’ve put all of the content into practice by submitting a record of the work they’ve completed and actively participating in the group and the coaching calls. 

But if you do the work and it doesn’t pay off, you’ll get your money right back. Just tell me within 90 days of signing up by emailing

“Jo has been invaluable to the success that my business is today … I can proudly say that, through my work with Jo, I no longer provide any contract services to any other companies and my business is really flourishing”

Laura Bodycoat

Occupational Therapist, Bodycoat Rehabilitation

Jo has been a dynamic influence in helping me expand my business and way of thinking. She is a “no nonsense” mentor, coach and adviser. She has a very unique ability to support, encourage and challenge while coming from a place of positivity, strength and abundance. I have truly appreciated the time I’ve spent working with Jo and would highly recommend her to anyone that wants accountability, new strategy and growth in their business and way of thinking.

Michael Diettrich-Chastain

LPC, DCC – Consultant, Coach, Therapist, ARC Integrated

As an entrepreneur, I am constantly bombarded with ways that I can spend my money. I’m often plagued at night with wondering if I’m getting the most bang for my buck. With Jo, I can honestly say this fear never crossed my mind. I definitely spent money wisely with her, but what’s more is I’m so beyond ecstatic that I had the honor of working with her. I genuinely can say that I learned so much from her, and she guided me effortlessly and with grace. Jo is beyond humble and direct with her lessons.

Brittainy Wagner

MA, LPC, Tidemark Therapy

Earnings Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and it’s potential, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas provided in My 5 Favourite People. Examples in the materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person participating in the program. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in the program depends on the time you devote to the program, your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ between individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level, nor are we responsible for any of your actions. For best results, undertake the program seriously and studiously, and you may see incredible results, but none are promised or guaranteed. 

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Copyright Jo Muirhead 2017


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