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10 easy ways to ensure your practice does not become a successful business

With the help of many fantastic business owners (thank you to you all) who have contributed to this list, I’ve put together the top ways people stagnate in business, ultimately do not grow, and sabotage their own success.

My advice to you … review the list and look at your own business. Eliminate these sabotaging habits and grow the amazing business you deserve and strive for. 

I am sure it’s not exhaustive , however I know that if you consistently apply these 10 easy tactics, your consulting practice will not grow, it’s as simple as that.

1. Undervalue your time

2. Always compete on price

3. Simply put a sign up on a door somewhere and expect referrals to arrive

4. Tell yourself you do not need to invest in sales and marketing

5. Attend networking events to give out as many business cards to as many people as possible

6. Continue to do all the work yourself all of the time

7. Create services and products that no one actually wants

8. Submit to analysis paralysis

9. Double handle information constantly

10. Do not build any systems – ever! 

Here’s to your success.


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