Client in crisis. Report deadline. Tech failure. Staff issues. Billing problems. Double-bookings. A million requests and not enough time. Not enough of YOU to go around.

This is pretty common fare for health professionals in private practice who’ve managed to fill their practice. If you’re constantly putting out spot fires in your business, you’re probably feeling frazzled, overworked and stuck in a rut.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAATxAAAAJDk2YzRkMmIxLWM3OGYtNDFkNC05OWVhLTExNzQxOGQwNDJhMwHow I feel during every business related crisis! Hard hats on, people!

Welcome to the harsh reality that more money, more clients and more work WILL NOT give you freedom.

So what do you do?

Positioning Yourself for Growth:


So you’ve come to the point where your workload has grown so much that there is not enough of YOU to do it all. You’ve hit a glass ceiling.

And you are not going to position yourself for growth if you keep playing whack-a-mole with your spot fires. I know you feel like there is not enough time or space to step away from the immediacy of these fires and focus on bigger picture things – like really drilling down on how you spend your time, getting your head out of admin and minutia and focusing on the long-term stuff that leads to real change.

And you’re right. You literally cannot do it all. But if you want to grow, you MUST get out of the minutia. This is where ALL of the fires are.

So how do you do it?

If you’re drowning in the administrative tasks you hate, there is no way around the fact that you need a practice manager, business manager or a virtual assistant. Stop being the world’s most underqualified, overpaid bookkeeper. Seriously, stop it.

If you have more clients than you can service WHILE staying sane and not tired, overworked and frazzled (get honest with yourself here), it’s time to consider building your team or putting a quota on the number of clients you can serve at any one time.

Do you notice a common theme here? Get some support and boundaries!!

Start asking yourself: Who else can do this? Am I seriously the only person who can do this task well? If the answer is no – get the help you need.

This is your fire blanket!

My mighty post-it note – get real about who ELSE can do this stuff you hate doing – and do it BETTER!

The only way to find the time you need to position yourself for real growth (and to kick that sense of dread and tiredness) is to get real about whether YOU need to be putting out those fires. Maybe, with the right help, you can even stop those fires from popping up to begin with.

You cannot be all things to all people.


Next time you find yourself grumbling about a task you HATE – putting out a pesky fire – ask yourself: do I need to do this? Is this the best use of my time AND my unique skill-set?

The answer is probably no. So go find someone who will say YES to this question.

Set some boundaries around the work you will and won’t do. Without boundaries you will never find freedom.

THAT’S where the fires get under control. And THAT’S where the growth happens.

Let me know in the comments – what fire would you love to STOP having to put out?

Here’s to your success,

– Jo

P.S... I help overwhelmed practitioners set boundaries and gain clarity in their business. Are you ready to position yourself for growth and freedom (I really do mean that – it is possible!)? Click here for a free 30 minute consult call with me.