I was lying on the floor in my yoga studio – eyes closed, trying to filter out the noise around me wanting to arrive at my place of Zen.   My ears pricked up and focused on a conversation that was occurring between two women.  Little did they know but they, in a private conversation were giving clinicians in private practice an incredible gift, and maybe a little bit of kicking up the butt.

The gift of getting over client objections.

Although many people ues different words, there really aren’t very many objections that people come out with.  Time and money are pretty common and universal.  And this conversation addressed both, in a very interesting manner.

The conversation went something like this

Yoga student #1: I can’t believe my back and my hips are so sore, I’ve had so much physio treatment and I’m starting to doubt if it’s working.
Yoga Student #2: I know what you mean.  Physiotherapist’s have their place, but I didn’t start to feel better until I saw an Osteopath, I’ve been seeing mine for years.
Yoga Student #1: Oh that’s interesting, what does he do that’s different?
Yoga Student #2: Hmmmm I don’t really know.   He makes me do a lot of homework. All I know is I have felt a lot better since I’ve been seeing him, and now I don’t need to see him quite as often, maybe once a month.
Yoga Student #1: Hmmm ok this sounds promising, where’s he located?
Yoga Student #2: In the Lower Blue Mountains.
Yoga Student #1: But that’s 20 minutes away…
Yoga Student #2: Don’t you want to feel better?  What’s a 20 minute drive if you are going to feel better? (note rom Jo: Oh BOOM )
Yoga Student #1: Ok then I bet he’s expensive?  I don’t know if I can afford to start seeing someone else?
Yoga Student #2 What have you got to lose.  You just said that what you’re doing isn’t helping, I’m sharing with you something that has worked for me.  I don’t care that he is $160 per session.   What is it worth to be able to walk and move without pain.  I would give anything to be able to live without that pain.  I’m so grateful for him and everything he has done for me

How awesome would it be if we had our client’s talking about us like this!!!!!  Yoga Student #2 is a Raving fan.  She refers to her Osteopath as MINE:  she acknowledges that she has done the work, and that he makes her work.  Time, distance and money stopped being an issue BECAUSE SHE WAS CERTAIN OF THE RESULT.  How many times to do we trip ourselves up when speaking to client’s about our fees?

How often do we project our own internal dialogue about what we think we are worth, when all the client is looking for is for us to be certain that we can help?

I loved this conversation, it made me smile.

Now I happen to know this Osteopath, he is also MINE.  I know he is booked out weeks at a time.  I know his primary marketing strategy is to help people feel better.  I know this because I have experienced it.  You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the Lower Blue mountains where I live, not know of or had some personal experience of this guy.

His community positioning is this – “sore, back, neck, knees or running injuries then you need to see MY Osteopath”.

When we become integral to someone’s recovery, health and wellness, it will be effortless for them to share the good work we do.  How wonderful would it be if you became someone’s Therapist, OT, SLT, Psychologist?  How wonderful would it be for your client’s to speak about your fee’s being a no brainer?

It’s time to build out certainty around who we are and who we serve.  No one is going to do this for us.

If you know that you need to create some certainly around the conversations you are having with potential client’s, then let me help you.

Book in here for a free consultation where we can work out what is working and what isn’t working and create a plan to make these conversations work for you (aka have more people booking in with you and turning up for their initial sessions).

Here’s to your success!


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